Monday, August 16, 2010

Lancia Hyena

Imagine the scenario: you've always lusted after the Lancia Delta Integrale, you win the lottery and are able to fulfil your dream, but at the vital moment your wife says 'You're not buying that, are you? It's all square and boxy.' What would you do?

Fear not - Zagato foresaw your dilemma and sorted out a simple solution for you way back in the early nineties. What you're after is a Hyena...

The formula was simple: they would take an Integrale, cut the body off in Holland, send it to Zagato HQ in Italy to have the two-door coupé body attached, then back to Holland for finishing. All of the epic performance and handling of the donor (as well as a handy 200kg weight-saving), all wrapped up in a swoopy body that won't offend the missus. Perfect.

There is just one stumbling block - they only made ninety-two of them. So even if you can find one, it's pretty unlikely that the owner will be willing to let it go.

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