Wednesday, August 11, 2010

1959 Peerless GT

The Peerless GT was the first British-market car to be manufactured from fibreglass, which was something of a risk. Entering the higher end of the GT market, would consumers embrace a car that wouldn't resonate sharply when it was rapped with bare knuckles? Apparently so...
With the success of Peter Joppe and Percy Crabb's entry into the 1958 Le Mans race, they couldn't get them out of the factory doors fast enough. This was excellent PR for Triumph too - it was their TR3 engine that was powering this svelte new model. Peerless churned out a few hundred of them in Slough before the bosses had an ill-advised falling out and dissolved the company. So it's not too surprising that you may not be familiar with the GT.

This example belongs to a chap named Mark Rosenberg, who treats it like it deserves to be treated and races it like his shirt's on fire. Amongst other modifications, he's increased displacement from 1991 to 2138cc, added race pistons and a big-valve head, race cams and twin 1.75" SU carbs. It's good for 130bhp. It looks pretty damn special on those Dunlop wires too, doesn't it?
You can read more about it here.

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