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Ferrari 612 Sessanta

Ferrari 612 Sessanta

612 Sessanta is produced on the body of the 612 Scaglietti introduced during the Geneva Motor-Show 2007, and thus comes with the full enhancement package used for the latter.
It is available only with F1 gearbox and provides the following features.
Special contents:
Exterior coloursThe sixty cars shall be available alternatively in the following exterior colours:
• Two-colour special style:
o Grigio scuro (Colori Classici ’50-’60) / Nero with grigio scuro side line.
o Rubino Micalizzato / Nero Daytona with Rubino Micalizzato side line.
The following special colour features are added as well:
• Special colour of underbody black in technical black
• Colour treatment of the front headlight and rear bumper details in silver.
Exterior contents
Electro-chromic panoramic roof panel with three transparency positions
• New monolithic and forged 19”/19” wheel rims
• Specific wheel cups
• Radiator grill with specific painted frame
• Chromium-plated rear grids with black chromed special exhaust pipes
• "612 Sessanta" emblem on front fender 
Ferrari 612 Sessanta Interior
Interior colours
Interiors are featured by a single-colour environment, with slightly contrasting stitching. Two choices are available.
• New Natural leather, "Terra Bruciata" coloured (exclusive colour on 612 Sessanta), including:
o Marrone carpets
o Interior details in Grigio Scuro (dash cross member, door panel details, tunnel plate)
o Black seat belts o Terra Bruciata colour for steering wheel, dashboard, rear shell, and upper interior part
Those interiors are exclusively available with Grigio Scuro / Nero livery.
New Natural leather Charcoal coloured, including:
o Grigio Scuro carpets o Interior details in Rubino Micalizzato (dash cross member, door panel details, tunnel plate)
o Grigio seat belts
o Charcoal colour for steering wheel, dashboard, rear shell, and upper interior part Those interiors are exclusively available with Rubino Micalizzato / Nero Daytona livery.
Interior content
Steering wheel with three-position Manettino and Engine Start button • Exclusive upholstery style for seats, door panels and rear sides
• Specific central tunnel upholstered and fully equipped, with 2 cup-holding compartments and rear handles
• Four pockets on door panels, two of them closed
• Specially-styled instrument cluster
• Unique plate celebrating the 60-year anniversary on F1 gearbox plate
• Leather upholstered and equipped boot Further contents
• CCM braking system with black calipers
• Bose Media System
• Rear Parking Camera
• TV Tuner
• Cruise Control


Dimensions and Weight

Overall length 193.0 in
Overall width 77.0 in
Height 52.9 in
Wheelbase 116.1 in
Front track 66.5 in
Rear track 64.6 in
Dry weight 3880 lb*
Kerb weight 4134 lb*
Fuel tank capacity 24 UK gal (29 US gal)
Front 15 x 1.34 in
Rear 14.2 x 1.26 in
Type 65° V12
Bore/stroke 3.50 x 3.03 in
Unit displacement 29.2 cu in
Total displacement 350.8 cu in
Compression ratio 11.2:1
Maximum power 397 kW (540 CV) at 7250 rpm
Maximum torque 588 Nm (434 lbft) at 5250 rpm
Gearbox F1A 6-gears+Reverse
Front 245/40 ZR 19”
Rear 285/40 ZR 19”
Maximum speed 199 mph
0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) 4 s
Fuel Consumption
Combined 20.5 l/100 km
CO2 Emissions
Combined 470 g/km

Worked With Lamborghini To

worked with Lamborghini to
worked with Lamborghini to

RIP hongkongphooey

Renowned modifier, restorer and all-round good egg Simon Baldwin (aka hongkongphooey) was tragically killed in a car accident on Friday night. Our thoughts are with his family.

Here's to you Si, pulling a cheeky burnout through the pearly gates. May your legacy live on through your unique works.

Imperia GT

The Imperia GT is Belgium's answer to a question that nobody really asked: can an unknown low-volume manufacturer make a retro-styled hybrid sports car with ultra-low emissions and a 911 price tag?
Well, yes - Imperia can offer similar C02 levels to a Smart car from their combination of 210bhp 1600cc petrol four-pot mated to 136bhp electric motor. If they can overcome their battery weight issues, they'll be able to offer 0-60mph in sub-6s for around £65,000. Click here for more info.

It looks pretty cool. But who's going to buy it...?

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Bertone B99

B is for Bertone, 99 is the number of years the firm have been around. Put them together and you get the latest Jaguar concept, due to debut at Geneva.
Whilst retaining a classic Jag silhouette, it's actually only the size of a 3-series. But much more luxurious, obviously. The pillarless doors cleverly disguise the fact that this coupe is actually a four-door, while the slitty lights echo those of the C-X75 concept. Apparently it has a hybrid drivetrain too, but we don't really give a toss about that. (C'mon, it's a Jag - it should have a big, lazy V8 and single-figure fuel economy.)

All Kinds Lambroghini Cars

all kinds lambroghini cars
all kinds lambroghini cars

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Trabant nT

I've always been a fan of the Trabant 601's cheeky styling, but even the most evangelical supporter of the brand would admit that the car had its problems. Chief among these were an asthmatic two-stroke engine that, while smelling brilliant, would struggle to relieve a rice pudding of its skin, and bodywork that was inexplicably delicious to livestock. Happily, both of these issues have been addressed with the new Trabant nT: the bodywork's made of good ol' steel, while the powerplant is - wait for it - electric.

The nT is just a prototype for now, while investors are sought. But if it enters production, it'll apparently only cost about £7000 to buy one. Which is fantastic news.
Click here to learn more.

Mini Rocketman

In an ideal world, 'Mini Rocketman' would be what Elton John called his son. But it does equally well for Mini's latest concept, due to be unveiled at the Geneva show. It answers criticisms that have been circulating since the launch of the New Mini - that its inflated size is an insult to Issigonis' pure design - by being really rather small. Brilliantly, they're calling it a '3+1'; you can get three people in there in relative comfort, four at a push. But you're better off having two (or, ideally, one).

If it does go into production, we'll have to hope that they don't make a convertible... those funky rear light hoops would make it look like a shopping trolley.
Click here for further info.

*lamborghini, Aston Martin

*lamborghini, aston martin
*lamborghini, aston martin

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A-Star Suzuki Concept Image Design

A-Star Suzuki Concept Image Design
The Suzuki A-Star Concept is the base on which a global compact car will be developed. The Suzuki A-Star Concept based global. But the Suzuki A-Star Concept will culminate in a production model.

New Variant Honda Jazz Wagon Design

New Variant Honda Jazz Wagon Design
New variant of the best-selling Japanese car that newfangled wagon. The car that has a size bigger than Jazz / Fit standard will be present in two variants, the first 1500 four-cylinder engine similar to that of the Fit hatchback version. The second is a hybrid variant that uses the engine capacity of 1300 cc and use the help of powerful 10 KW electric motor with Honda's unique technology Intregrated Motor Assist.

Beauty Honda Jazz Image Design

Beauty Honda Jazz Image Design

New Car Honda Accord Design

New Car Honda Accord Design
Honda re-affirm its position in the premium sedan market presents Indonesia with New Full Size Honda Accord. A premium offering of Honda with an increasingly luxurious design and dimensions of the largest in its class, equipped with the latest innovative features with cutting-edge technologies and a more perfect performance.

Honda Accord 2008 Honda Accord EX sedan (US)
Manufacturer Honda
Production 1976–present
Predecessor Honda 1300
Class Japan and Europe:
Compact car:
Mid-size car:
North America:
Compact car:
Mid-size car:
(1990–2007) (sedan)
(1994–present) (coupe)
(2010–present) (Crosstour)
Full-size car:
(2008–present) (sedan)


Take one Beetle bodyshell...

...mount it to a Boxster chassis...

...and you get a Bugster! Brilliantly simple, right?
Well, no, hideously complicated. But well worth it. 270bhp of mid-engined tomfoolery in a classic shape, liberally smothered in a controversial shade of Lamborghini grey. Click here for the full gallery.