Saturday, June 4, 2011

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  • AventuraMacGirl
    Nov 1, 07:39 PM
    The local Apple Store was not selling the 2nd Generation Shuffles today... So I went and bought one at the Best Buy right down the road for the same price. Turns out, I'm reading they're definitely not supposed to have them for sale yet. Anyhow, get them while they're hot in Aventura, FL!

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  • Doctor Q
    Apr 28, 07:46 PM
    One of the patents:
    Mobile telephone capable of displaying world time and method for controlling the same

    An apparatus and method for calculating and displaying local time for a plurality of cities in the world. The apparatus includes a memory for storing Greenwich mean time (GMT) information for each of the plurality of cities. The apparatus sets a reference time and counts the time that elapses from when the reference time is set. The apparatus calculates a local time of a city selected by a user, which is based on a difference between the GMT of the selected city and the GMT of a present location of the apparatus, the reference time and the counted elapsed time. The reference time may be either a time set by the user or a system time acquired from a signal generated from a remote system.
    How can companies get patents for such trivial algorithms???

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  • Gibsonsoup
    Oct 2, 09:30 AM
    here's mine for this month

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  • vincenz
    Apr 7, 09:10 AM
    Another patch so soon? Doesn't seem like Apple at all.


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  • Kelzorz
    May 6, 05:45 PM
    How do i put button detection in an if statement, here is my code where IBActionA is a button...

    - (IBAction)A: (id)sender {

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  • Chundles
    Sep 24, 08:02 PM
    Killing hookers?? :eek:

    Well given your other examples perhaps that just about describes the probable immaturity of an 18 old. Enough said in that case. :rolleyes:

    I just don't understand this whole "he's 18 and and adult" routine. He may be 18 in the eyes of the law, but with no real life experience behind him I hardly think he can be considered mature enough to make adult decisions. What's with this whole "hey presto the law says your an adult so you your all grow up now" ??

    So you'd rather his folks make all the big decisions for him and never let him become that adult?

    Parents should be slowly divesting themselves of big, life decisions to their children as they grow. Yes, you can set rules of the house but you can't actually actively prevent him from doing something.


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  • troop231
    Apr 6, 11:48 AM
    Will it be backed up to a time machine?

    Only in this one:

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  • tjb1
    Feb 13, 09:07 PM
    I have a PS3 I could get doing this if it would even be worth it?


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  • mrxak
    Apr 25, 12:36 AM
    I'm not buying another iPhone until it's got 4G. And when I get one, I'll get a black one too ;).

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  • logicat2001
    Nov 1, 11:51 AM
    Absolutely essential : Carbon Copy Cloner ( Again, absolutely essential software.

    Mike Bombich has made it donation-ware, which means it runs with all features but you're welcome to send him a donation if you find the tool useful.

    I know I have.


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  • floatingspirit
    Nov 4, 08:03 PM
    Sidetrack Sidetrack Sidetrack Sidetrack Sidetrack Sidetrack Sidetrack Sidetrack Sidetrack Sidetrack Sidetrack Sidetrack Sidetrack Sidetrack Sidetrack Sidetrack Sidetrack Sidetrack Sidetrack Sidetrack Sidetrack
    sorry but it deserves everyone of those mentions a great application. A great app that really lets you control your trackpad. A must have if you have an ibook or powerbook.

    MenuMeters Also another great app to tell you if your computer is actually working.

    Perhpas it is cool, but it "crashed" my touch pad. I zapped PRAM, repaired permissions and deleted the Sidetrack program and I still coouldn't get the touch pad to work again. Finally, I reinstalled Panther and it works......

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    Apr 4, 11:54 AM
    This is the very reason why I think that Apple's policy should be reconsidered. Why would content providers such as the Financial Times be compelled to offer their content on iOS, when Apple requires them to (additionally) use the in-app purchases by which the providers lose the advantage of using their own register and keeping the entire revenue, without having to share it with Apple. The position of the Financial Times is completely understandable, regardless of the business decisions that provider has made. I still doubt whether the true motive of Apple to enforce this measure is not consumer protection but receiving profits from the content of others.


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  • Keebler
    Dec 7, 03:38 PM
    I agree 100% with both of your posts. It still bothers me that compressor is the only application that can make full use of both my Mac Pro�s CPUs.

    And I really hate the look of low bitrate AVCHD but we have to work with it nonetheless.

    rowlander, you can get compressor to work with more than 1/9th of a core?
    That sarcasm is directed at compressor and not at you.

    I WISH i could get compressor to work. Oh, sorry....I should clarify, to work beyond 1 frickin' file! If i start a batch, the only thing I'm not sure of is which error I'll get - it's usually 1 of 2.

    Yet, I can use Innobits, Bitvice to compress MPEG2 files for DVD (and the ac3s) and well, wouldn't you know, this fine 3rd party apps makes all my cores jump with excitement without me even praying to get on my knees and cry for help :)

    I'm a pretty laid back guy, but man compressor just busts my kahonies. Heck, I even emailed Mr. Jobs about it (although nothing back).

    And don't even get me started on having to export to QT first. I do not even come close to understanding the logic behind that considering it's their own software!

    BUT, compressor is stopping me from upgrading to an 8core so no more money for Apple in that case. No sense spending a few grand on a machine whose potential won't even come close to being tapped.

    I don't drink, but feel like I should have one right now.

    ugh :)

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  • Lord Blackadder
    Jan 10, 10:32 PM
    That's a really good point, I'm surprised they haven't already. Everybody else is all over the b-segment now, and yet I haven't even heard a peep from VW about this possibility.

    I don't get it either. Volkswagen is very well placed to hit the ground running with a strong entry into the city car segment, but insteatd they are badge-engineering Chrysler minivans, and turning their Jetta & Passat into bloated, cheap, boring mid-size clones.

    I don't care for the front end, but I think it's an improvement. Call me crazy? We're not talking about the Passat CC here, but the one that looks like a Nissan Altima, Honda Accord, Pontiac G8, or another half dozen other cars on the road with almost the exact same body shape.

    As with those other cars you mentioned, it has no character, and is now just an appliance.

    I wish car manufacturers would try harder to make their cars look DIFFERENT instead of the same. Yes, I'm a car nerd and I know the difference between a VW and a Honda, but what's scary is Honda doesn't want you to know - **** look at Hyundai, they want you to see the Genesis and think it's a BMW.. that's DUMB!

    To be fair, the Genesis proves that Hyundai can match or beat the Japanese in terms of quality and engineering these days. The V8 in the Genesis is a decent motor. And the Genesis Coupe is as good as any Japanese sports coupe in its price range. They have some of the same quirks as Japanese cars (slightly zany styling, a bit sterile), but they are solid machines.

    But it is true that midsize cars (in particular) these days are very boring. And that's precisely why I find this move by VW depressing. There was a time, not long ago, when SAAB, Volvo, VW, and even (though to a lesser extent) Mazda, Nissan, Toyota and Honda made cool and interesting cars. And today, apart from the hybrid craze, cars are about as boring as they've ever been.


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  • Oh-es-Ten
    Mar 23, 10:42 AM
    [bertrandSerlet release];

    Brilliant! :)

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  • semaja2
    Dec 25, 07:58 PM
    Hey guys my new ibook and its batery in coconut battery is reporting werid things like ive does the calbiration and in cocunut it says orginal : 4400mah but the current is 4573mah


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  • maflynn
    Apr 28, 07:01 AM
    You mean people aren't exactly rushing out to buy the iPhone 4, as apple preps the iPhone 5 - shocking.

    Why would apple or verizon be surprised.

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  • zen.state
    Apr 4, 12:46 PM
    I emailed firmtek and asked them what firmware would best suit you.

    Their reply:
    "Dear Jeff,
    When using two FirmTek cards in the same computer, both cards need to have the same
    firmware version. In this case, both cards should have 513 installed on them."

    I am thinking that the issue could be that they have different firmware. Once you get it starting install the cards one at a time and change the firmware to 5.1.3 if not already that. I am guessing they both have 5.3 on them which is newer but more unstable.

    5.1.3 for the 2 port card ( and 5.1.3 for the 4 port (

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  • FreeState
    May 2, 10:18 PM
    It's not. Risky male to female sex is also excluded (sleeping with anyone involved in the sex industry). It's a question of exposure to mixing blood, and thus communicating disease. Statistically, Male to Male sex increases that risk...

    ...The issue is that male to male sex by its very nature has a higher chance of passing on certain diseases than male to female. Risky male to female is also excluded (if you have slept with a prostitute or been in countries with high levels of disease)...

    Arrgh! You cited the tamest statistic from the CDC article. Here are the others: 20% of gay men are HIV positive and 44% don't know it.

    THAT is why the question is asked. As a future possible recipient of blood, I'm glad they ask it.

    The question asked of heterosexuals =/= asked gay and bisexual men. The risk factor for straight people is risky sex, the risk factor asked for gay men is not risky sex, but sex at all - even once. Its not the same thing. If there was no bigotry behind the question it would be raised this way to all, no matter what orientation "have you had unprotected sex with more than one partner in the last 5 years, if yes have you been tested for HIV?"

    Mar 29, 01:24 AM
    Hey Guys,

    Sorry if this is the wrong spot for this, everyone probably already has a gmail account, but if you need one just reply to the thread or pm me.

    Thought this might be helpful, took me ages to get an Gmail invite.


    Mar 31, 12:05 PM
    That's like throwing away your computer because GarageBand is also available on the iPad, and attempting to produce an album on an iPad. Impossible.

    Apr 9, 08:22 AM
    It's got to be this beauty *dreaming*
    Ferrari 250 TDF

    Jun 20, 12:49 PM
    How about Ardmore?

    Sep 18, 06:09 PM
    I use ameritrade, mainly on my PC. You need to pay extra for Level 2 tickers unless you make a certain amount of trades per month.


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