Saturday, June 4, 2011

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  • APlasticFork
    May 4, 01:37 PM
    Ohhh, alright is seems clear enough :)

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  • steviec
    Aug 29, 07:12 PM
    While not strictly free Garageband offers up a lot of podcast features ...

    Also Quicktime in Snow Leopard may let you do this, not tried so far ...

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  • SuperCachetes
    Mar 2, 03:07 PM
    Is there a reason those charts in the opening post have to be so large?

    It's so the growing number of aging Social Security benificiaries can read them. :D

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  • mulo
    May 4, 03:53 AM
    repost, mod delete it, op edit your first thread.


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  • Applegal
    Feb 19, 12:32 PM
    I am a big Lost fan and I made this is image in Pixelmator!

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  • jsf8x
    Aug 17, 11:01 AM


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  • Phat_Pat
    Sep 24, 06:18 PM
    Just buy him some condoms and tell him to keep it down.

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  • TuffLuffJimmy
    May 4, 09:20 AM
    It is seeming more and more likely that enhanced interrogation techniques (a.k.a. torture), provided information that allowed the U.S. to kill O.B.L.

    I recall many on this forum criticizing these techniques claiming they never provided useful information.

    What say you now??

    And how exactly did murdering Bin Laden help us any? All he is now is a trophy for Obama's next campaign.


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  • anarchist
    Jan 18, 02:42 PM

    Nice app that (in my experience) flawlessly finds missing info on any song in your iTunes directory including artist, album, genre, track number, album art, etc. Even if you don't pay and have the program do your work for you (3 at a time without license) it's still a LOT faster than finding all the information accurately yourself. :cool:

    A license is $20 USD.

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  • morespce54
    Jul 27, 12:48 PM
    Actually this has been proved wrong. As long as your careful, keep them in a good tempered area they'll be fine. I still have some of my original CDs and DVDs that I burned that work fine - of course it doesn't hurt to backup those discs though. Scratching them is easy. ;)

    Well I guess not all DVDs were created equal... :D
    I have quite a few (both original DVDs and CDs) that aren't working anymore... :(


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  • ILikeTurtles
    Mar 21, 07:36 AM

    Just to give a quick backstory; I spent years going back to school for design and at last I've finally acquired my degree. I now have a budding freelance business with a handful of small clients, all of whom are relatively civil, good natured and appreciative of my work.

    Recently a long distance client I really get along with referred me to someone. He hired me to do a logo for his marketing startup. He was pleased with the end result and asked me to take on a second project, designing a mockup for a website that he could then turn over to a developer. He set a time limit of 3 hours, because that's all he could afford. Everything was going fine till about 2 hours in. He liked the direction I was going in, so while I was waiting to hear back I did some small revisions (off the clock), just to satisfy my own design sensibilities. I sent them to him to see what he thought. He suddenly calls me saturday afternoon and from the get go, seems to have an attitude. He wants to go over all the revisions I sent him. So I scramble for my macbook. As I'm going through my folders in search of the files he starts getting flustered and belittling. I offer to call him back in an hour after I've gathered everything and before one of us says something we'll regret, but he wants to stay on the phone and takes an even more offensive tone. I'm a laid back guy, but I had enough and firmly reminded him that I was trying to design a site for him within a 3 hour limit and had been good enough to not bill him for all the phone time he insisted on and had even stopped the clock a couple of times. He then startled to backpedal and complimented me on my work and how fair my pricing was ($25.00 an hour). The conversation went on for about another half hour as in the aftermath we awkwardly discussed the project. I think I did a pretty good job of remaining diplomatic. I've now just about completed the project and now he's talking about having me design a business card:rolleyes: The whole thing has left a bad taste in my mouth. I know there can always be an element of stress with any type of work is, but that was a bit much.

    Sorry for the rant, but I felt like I needed to vent to fellow designers. Anyone else have any horror stories?:)

    My advice as a designer - CUT & RUN!

    There will be other clients to replace this a-hole.

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  • dotdotdot
    Aug 14, 07:37 PM
    Mine for the month :)

    What theme is this that lets you have the black menubar still be transparent?


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  • yippy
    Mar 19, 11:24 AM
    No there is not.

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  • maverick808
    Jan 9, 03:17 PM
    This is the first MWSF in years where there is not a single product, hardware or software, that is ready to ship today.

    It's so dissapointing that there was no Leopard, iWork, iLife, not to mention the lack of any actual computer hardware updates.

    Like others have mentioned, I care little for AppleTV and a phone that might not be available to buy where I live (UK) for nearly a year. Don't even know why he bothered mentioning a product that won't be ready to ship in any region for half a year, much less spending 90 minutes of a keynote on it.

    Worst. MWSF. Ever.


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  • LightSpeed1
    Apr 13, 03:15 AM
    Here is mine.

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  • CaoCao
    Mar 24, 09:49 AM
    The logic remains problematic. It's like arguing that someone who was just in a car accident increased their chance of getting hurt by driving on the road in the first place. You are indeed blaming the victim.
    No, the logic is more like blaming someone who didn't put a seatbelt on and died by flying through a windshield
    You do realize that all social interactions are not business transactions right? :rolleyes:
    Not all social interactions need to be a chance for women to seduce men. When people constantly appeal to men's baser instincts why are they surprised when more men act on baser instincts?
    The Burqua is worn to protect a woman's modesty and so they don't dress provocatively according to the standards of the country where the Burqua is worn.
    Your views of what constitutes provocative dress is clearly less extreme than that but your opinion appears to be remarkably similar: "Women shouldn't dress provocatively."
    It is wrong to make judgement of anyone based on how they are dressed: A woman (or man) may dress provocatively for a night out because they want to find a partner for the night or into the future. That doesn't mean they are an open door to any scumbag who thinks that they can violate them

    The Burqa is as much about ownership as modesty, possibly more. Using a society where men buy their wives isn't a good comparison.

    So the person is dressing slutty to get sex? Congratulations on confirming what I believe. The more you appeal to baser instincts the more people will act on said instincts...


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  • ViviUO
    Apr 20, 07:53 PM
    Try Trillian.

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  • CubaTBird
    Mar 8, 06:40 PM
    Dunno if this has been posted by I just dled real player 10 for os x.. and it seems by the about box, its gone out of beta for some time... works fine so far... :rolleyes:

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  • French iPod
    Feb 19, 11:10 PM (

    Just been messin' around with GeekTool all night:D and man this thing is awesome!!!

    The Past
    Sep 8, 07:50 AM
    Okay, apologies in advance if someone beat me to this.

    Look at These gals/guys are moving really fast.

    On the free ipodnano offer, do they expect that the types of folks who have access to such information in the first 24 hours are the types of people who sign up for these?

    Lord Blackadder
    Mar 16, 06:43 PM
    It's impossible to be 100% certain is a crap response, because in many cases it is 100% certain, and i've named a few already.

    That is false. Even lawyers agree that 100% certainty is impossible. That is why we have the term "reasonable doubt". The 5 men wrongly sentenced to death in Ohio went through what was supposed to be an exceptionally thorough legal process, yet it still failed them.

    Also, the whole financial issue is very debatable and i don't think anyone here has solid figures on it.

    An unconvincing statement. Prove it.

    The only reason it may cost more to execute someone is because of all the appeals and court costs, this can easily be fixed so execution is the most economical way.

    Stalin, Gaddafi and Kim Jong Il would agree. You're in good company there.

    I'm not going any further into this because my stance that some people are unworthy of life won't change. Peace out girl scout.

    Don't labor under the illusion that I or anyone else cares what you think. Frankly I do not. You've added nothing to this discussion but emotional responses and baiting, after which you've abandoned what is clearly a lost cause. I think that speaks for itself.

    Lord Blackadder
    Jan 10, 04:31 PM
    The diesel saga is a story for another thread...but VW is one of the few car manufacturers selling vehicles in the US with a diesel.

    Its worth pointing out that the current Jetta also follows the Cheaper+Bigger philosophy, although it will be sold in Europe as well as North America. I should also note that this new American Passat is not related to the previous generation Passat. The current Euro Passat is a facelifted version of the previous car. The new American Passat is a new design that will be sold only in North America and China. So we now have two "Passats" in the market that are actually different cars, though they are sold in different markets.

    I hope they don't give the Golf the Cheaper+Bigger treatment as well...

    Sep 2, 06:41 PM
    Soooo tomorrow is the day. Finally, months after watching those damn east coasters get a taste of PAX, it's back home on the best coast. Huzzah!

    Gonna get on the inFamous machines asap as well as the Killzone 3 machines before they get mobbed down. Money is on Halo Reach being ***** nuts, as will the 3DS (if it's there......)

    I'll post pics as always. Yeehaw

    Apr 4, 07:00 AM
    I just jailbroke my iPod Touch and was wondering if you guys could give me some app/tweak recommendations.

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