Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Autowerx Vanagon

The splitscreen VW camper and the later T2 are stalwarts of the classic & custom scenes, their hardy utilitarianism, übercool lines and adaptability to a broad range of styles keeping them popular with surfers, rodders and families alike.
We're increasingly seeing the T25 on the scene nowadays as well, its boxy silhouette having evolved from a more modern offering into a classic in its own right. The example in these pictures, a US-spec 'Vanagon', was built by Maryland-based The Shop Autowerx. It's a 1988 GL model with custom-fabricated air-suspension, and you can't deny that the stance is pretty aggressive.
So, will the T25 be the next big thing? Well, they're certainly a hell of a lot cheaper than the T1 or T2...

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