Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Classic parts fire sale

It's not often that you come across a place like R.J.W. Wilkinson. It can be found in North Hykeham, Lincoln, but it won't be there for much longer; an old family business that incorporated motor factors, machine shop and breakers yard, it represents a lifetime of collecting and hoarding parts for now-rare cars from the '30s through to the '70s. However, the land that it sits on is being developed, so you've got until Friday June 24th to get up there and fill your boot with rarities before it all gets sent to the scrapman. Could you live with yourself, knowing that you could have saved the grille surround from an HA Vauxhall Viva or the rear light clusters from a Borgward Isabella and you didn't? No, didn't think so.
There's plenty of info here, courtesy of RatDat.

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