Monday, June 20, 2011

Beacham mkII Jaguar

The mkII Jag is a solid old bus, resplendent in proper British quality, with its wood trim, chrome baubles and slightly disapproving face. Successful in Touring Car racing and popular with bank robbers in period, it was a rapid little poppet too, offering impressive levels of speed and reliability as well as luxury. So, all things to all men? Well, yes... as long as they weren't poor.

But the parameters of performance shift over the ages, and reliability tends to fade over time. What if you're in a position to run a mkII as a daily driver in 2011, but you're worried about constantly finding yourself at the side of the road in a fug of steam and disappointment?
Well, you talk to Beacham. The New Zealand firm will rebuild you a classic Jaguar to brand-new condition; better than brand-new, in fact, as they'll also rip out the beautiful but potentially fragile engine and replace it with a shiny new Jaguar V8. Worried about the lack of ABS brakes, traction control, heated seats, airbags or sat-nav? Fear not, it's all included in the price.
(And what is that price? Well, that's a vulgar question. It costs what it costs...)
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