Friday, June 10, 2011

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  • cableching
    07-16 01:15 PM

    I got my EAD through my primary Employer. I am currently working on EAD but with a different Employer (NY State Agency) who doesn�t encourage GC processing, so did not file my AC21 and been working for over a year now. I still have good rapport with my primary Employer. Now I am scheduled to go to INDIA for few weeks, my question is " whom should I say is my Employer " if the immigration officer asks me at the port of entry (JFK). Please advise as I will be carrying my current pay stubs.

    Thank you

    I recently came back on AP through Atlanta. I have changed the employers and have not applied for AC21. In secondary inspections, I was asked about where I work and who sponsored it? I did tell the sponsor as my old employer and for where I work gave current employer's name. It should not be problem entering thru AP. Another person with AP was not even asked any questions and they just stamped it and gave it back.
    Also the they were discussing about the combined card for EAD and AP, when they would implement it so that they do not have to stamp and enter the information at several places for AP.
    This guy was even strange that, when I gave him two copies of AP, he gave one back and said he needs only one. He just took a copy of it after entering and stamping it.

    Strange are the ways they behave. When I entered thru Chicago using AP last year, the officer was praising me for giving him two copies and did not even send me for secondary inspection, as everyone before was only giving him one copy and they were searching their bags for the second copy????

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  • sri1309
    11-04 06:33 AM

    Please congratulate the new President. Send your messages.

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  • javadeveloper
    05-26 04:57 PM
    What is the logic to deny 485(EB3) if 140(EB2) gets denied?

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  • EndlessWait
    05-21 01:18 PM
    We all know, Mexican govt. lobbied quite a lot for there ppl. Looks like its a fair course. NRIs serve both interests US and back home. India and US seem to be strong allies now then ever, so perhaps we should ask the Indian govt. to voice our concerns.

    Its only fair when illegals can get all the attention, why can't we.


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  • meridiani.planum
    10-01 11:58 PM
    this is a Q for my Friend
    He was working at Lehman before the company filed for chapter 11

    ... He has been told that salary will be paid for 3 months

    Right now he is at home and looking for other offers and no H1b transfer has been started

    Question is ... Is he OK ( in status ) currently or a H1b transfer has to be done ASAP


    Is the employer-employee relationship going to go on for 3 months? (ie. is he going to go to office, get paid at usual intervals etc)? If so, he is fine, he is in status. If he has been laid off, has no access to teh office anymore etc, then as far as H1-B goes, the employer-employee relationship has ended and he is out of status; he should transfer teh H1 asap.

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  • krishnam70
    11-20 04:26 PM
    1) You CAN use the AP that is approved while you are out. However someone needs to courier the document to you before you can enter with it. I am doing the same thing with my Law Firm. You do not need the AP in hand to leave the US.

    Again if your AP is approved but is in mail or whatever and you leave the country then you are ok (technically) in somebody mailing it out to you otherwise you cannot claim to have satisfied the rule USCIS has put forward and the IO has every right to deny entry at the POE

    Extract from the instructions of I 131 form
    If you travel before the advance parole document is issued, your application will be deemed abandoned if:
    A. You depart from the United States; or
    B. The person seeking advance parole attempts to enter the United States before a decision is made on the application.

    - good luck


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  • j751
    07-05 09:46 PM
    Friends, I would like to know if I change job after I-140 & I-485 approval, do I still need to notify USCIS about AC-21. Also, will it require my new employer to provide a letter of job duties to confirm that the new job is either same or similar to the old one.


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  • cooldude
    11-02 07:26 PM
    I am able to see my EAD and AP online, but not I-1485. Don't worry, it should be there probaby next week.


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  • sundarpn
    01-02 06:33 PM
    Could you tell us if the I-94 was stamped with the date your AP expires? Will you need to re-apply for an H1 extension after that date?

    I have the same question and a few more:

    I am told that when you enter on AP, your I-94 will mention AOS or parolee or something and is valid only upto the expiry of the AP. (which in my case only 9 months or so now).

    So what are the problems/implications becasue of this? Are we still on H1b status?

    Under this circumstance, if one wants to change employers by H1-B transfer (NOT using EAD), will there be ANY issues in the transfer?

    In short, will entering on AP casue any issues to people who want to stick to H1b and also plan on changing jobs via h1b transfer in the near future (and also marry and bring H4 dependent)?

    I understand that these are very low level questions and better to consult an attrorney etc.

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  • sledge_hammer
    02-23 12:44 PM
    I would say YOU need that "good luck" more than the members that answered your question!!!

    Thanks for your response.

    I will stay in touch & keep posting if I need more clarifications in my case.

    Until then, Good Luck:)



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  • alseethis
    06-11 01:00 PM
    How is the market? I want to share my history and see if the situation is the same in other places.
    I work in a small financial company in NJ since 2003 in IT. They are sponsoring my gc now. It's a growing company.
    At that time it was my boss, me (programmer) and an american girl (crystal reports). She left and we replace with an indian guy green card holder. Later he left and we hire 2 crystal reports developers, an indian and a russian both green card holders. Later we decided to hire another developer. Join us a hong kong born citizen. I think he is naturalized now. Anyway. Later we hired another programmer, come an indian gc holder. She left and we hired another indian programmer (i think she's in h1)
    Today we are trying to hire another programmer and so far, 1 month, no one show up.
    I don't know if this situation is happening in other places, but from our experience since 2003.
    - there are not many americans interested in IT ?!?
    - the unemployment is not affecting IT so much ?!? No one is showing up to fulfill our position now and in the previous years.
    - due to visa backlogs and restrictions, it's impratical to sponsor h1 or gc.

    My opinion, this a good example that immigration not so bad for US. With good immigration we would had filed our position and not took an american job.

    Again, anyone seeing the same in other places...

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  • rajuram
    04-26 10:16 PM
    does anyone know when CIR will be discussed in the house and in the Senate?


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  • sgX05
    02-11 03:49 PM
    Hi everyone,

    Today i got an alert form USCIS that the pending 485s (for my wife and myself) have been transferred from NSC to TSC. Wanted to see if others with 485s pending at NSC have seen similar action.

    My priority date is Oct 2005 and my 485 has been pending at NSC since July 2007.

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  • chanduv23
    09-16 12:26 AM
    Is andy garcia and andy_8214 the same? Just wondering:rolleyes:

    Dunno - but we can find out from the IP logs - will not worry about this person


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  • sbdol
    07-20 10:18 AM
    I got a brilliant idea guys, I am sure it is not new but it looks now is the right time to pursue it.
    Apparently it would be very difficult to fight FBI namechek delays. After USCIS was swamped with a pile of cases due to visa retrogression fiasco the processing times most probably will increase significantly. The visa retrogression is going to be reinstated.
    Also there is a great injustice to those who had to go through the BEC black hole.
    I think everybody agrees that the current green card process is a lottery where winners get everything in a couple of months and losers wait sometimes 10 years. (Yes I know such cases).

    So how to fix all this in a way that it would not affect negatively anybody?
    The answer might be very simple: Count the time spent waiting in the administration created lines towards citizenship. In other words the 5 year count starts not when one get the green card but from one’s priority date. After all it is not the immigrant's fault that he has the same name as someone who saw a suspicious person on the plane and was questioned by FBI as a witness.
    This would PARTIALLY restore justice without punishing anybody.

    USCIS will be happy as it would take off some pressure from their delays.

    Legislators are happy as more people will be able to vote for them.

    Immigration lawyers are happy as the measure would not take away their revenue, in fact it may even increase it.

    All those who say in numerous interviews on TV “.. we are a nation of immigrants and we support LEGAL immigration but we do not want amnesty…” are happy or would have to admit that they are happy to save the face.

    The current losers in immigration process would automatically catch up (almost) with the luckiest ones.

    Immigrationvoice will be happy as I am sure many current waiters and even those who already got their green cards would contribute to support the measure.

    Anti immigrants are NOT UNHAPPY since the measure does not increase the number of immigrants.

    Employers are NOT UNHAPPY since the measure does not affect them in any way.

    If immigrationvoice has desire and resources to suggest and support a measure to the legislature it better concentrate on this rather that on something like “… make FBI report namecheck results to the applicants..”.
    Of course it would require changes to the current legislature but I cannot imagine that somebody would come out with a sensible reason against it.

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  • mk26
    12-21 01:35 AM
    Anyone please advice if I need to get verified the PIMS check before my h1 visa interview at Kolkata, I have an appointment on 1st week of Jan2011.

    Please share if anyone has any idea one this



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  • gc28262
    04-07 06:23 PM
    I'm in my 9th year of H1B which is going to expire in about six months. My employer is suggesting to extend H1B and not use or extend EAD. Based on your experience and knowledge please post your advise. If a post like this already exists, please point me to that. I could not find one easily. Thanks a lot.

    Irrespective of whether EAD is used, one should always extend EAD as a backup. ( Especially in this economy)

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  • jonty_11
    05-21 05:47 PM
    You think its that easy to swing it our way with DEMS in power.....aint happenning.

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  • gbof
    04-29 01:20 PM
    Yes I sent it to correct address Lockbox, AZ. Thanks for asking me to confirm.

    Dhundhun, If you saved a copy of mailed check, Please look for any technical errors like amount in words/figures . Also check for whom it was written ( They demand it to be written for: US Department of Homeland Security) not abbreviations DHS or so.

    Duplicate filing may be okay but may involve stop payment of check n withdrawal of 'right' application -- may create a kinda confusion if it is already in process missing on-line updates. Unfortunately, we are always on the receiving end..

    BTW: mine was delivered at Phoenix,AZ on 4/12, checks cashed on 4/23 and I received RN yesterday, it is late but most are getting in 2-3 wks time.

    07-09 10:46 AM
    Means if we ask for AC21 then they ask for this kind of details? Also What is the Probability they ask for these details. Now I have 2 more questions:

    1. if you are on H1 extension then you get new LCA at the time of H1 extension. If your current location and job are same as specified in the h1 extension LCA. (If you were working at wrong location at the time of first H1 but during the H1B extension you are working at the location specified in the LCA. Now how much is the possibility that they ask for the details for LCA Of the first H1B. Or tey look into only latest LCA).

    2. One more question: If your LCA shows the city name LA but you are actually not specific in LA city but you are in LA county then is that location considered to be correct OR this is still violation?

    12-18 02:16 PM
    Hi Goel_Ar, thanks for the response. Assuming there is indeed very good co-ordination between USCIS and SSN office, how long does it *normally* take to get the card?

    Any ideas, anyone?

    They say it takes 10-14 business days but my Wife got it within 7 business days. hope this helps.

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