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  • wandmaker
    06-19 08:04 AM
    This document is mandatory - why don't you either ask your lawyer for a copy or call up USCIS and explain the case. Another option would be to send your Online status (from USCIS website), either way - I recommend you get your I485 receipt and then scan all your documents and email it to yourself for future use.

    Aah_GC: Lawyer might not have received it from USCIS otherwise irrational would not be writing it here :) Many who filed during July 07 fiasco have not received the 485 receipt notices (lost in mail) from USCIS.

    irrational: For EAD renewal, you can use your biometric notice as a proof of filing for I-485 to extend EAD and you make sure give correct A# on the form , with this USCIS should be able to pull your records. Also write a cover letter stating that you have not received the 485 receipt notice from USCIS, thats it. Nothing to worry, Go ahead and file without 485 receipt notice copy.

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  • pointlesswait
    03-12 06:29 PM
    Even PT MBA..can be a vehicle for career change as well as growth!
    Full time has its + ..but will u wait till u get a GC to start ur MBA..?
    I believe PT from any of the top 10 PT programs is worth considering! in chicago land area u have kello, UC and depaul...the rating for PT programs is different compared to full time!

    You can only speculate..abt what is good and what is not! The first job break after a PT will be crucial! :rolleyes:

    There is no logical reason to NOT do an MBA if u want change and further ur career!

    PS: pursuing PT!

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  • pdakwala
    02-24 04:29 PM
    Hello everyone,

    There is no need to get excited. How much we can achieve from this will depend on our efforts.

    Please contribute to Immigration Voice if you really want something to come out from this markup. Be generous by the way.


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  • DSLStart
    07-28 04:06 PM
    I doubt that. Returning after a long period on AP would sure make the POE officer grill that person, as AP is supposed to be used in case of emergencies and humanitarin grounds. I was grilled at IAD on return after 30 days and the POE officer asked me to present documentary evidence of the emergency to travel outside US.

    No, no maximum. You just have to have had the AP in hand when you left the US.


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  • va_dude
    05-04 11:08 AM
    wow.... interesting post.

    i used ac21 to port and mailed uscis the info regarding the port. I wonder if i shud be resending that info using this new process.

    Got to send this to my attorney and get her input.

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  • honge_kamyaab
    02-01 12:54 PM
    I am planning to drive to Canada. I have the paperwork Canadian embassy sent me.

    I'll fill this paperwork and the list of items to be brought in later. Possibly answer
    any questions the officials at the POE ask. Anything else at POE that I need to do?

    After passing POE into Canada, possibly into a city, do I need to register at any office saying I landed? I am planning to come back very next day after landing.

    This going back and forth the POE to get Canadian PR status seems to be way too easy for immigration ;). Hence my concern.

    Please advice.


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  • Libra
    01-11 12:44 PM
    insbaby, please send letters to President and IV, it may help us. It will take only 5 mins to sign a letter and mail it. please show your support for IV.

    True. Its just a dream. You work on something for 20 years and get a GC at 45. What are you getting after that. Just continue your dream for another 20 to 30 years and call it a day.

    If you get it by 25, you have some years to go hit something for your life.

    I stopped worrying on GC and started living on tasks that help my family. I have a job now. If lost, I will go for another job and another and another in India/Europe/Australia/so and so. But surely not going to die or go to hospital for depression.

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  • nshantha
    07-18 02:36 PM
    Why you want to mad on him, What is there to become mad on him.

    Sorry admin, I got mad at this guy.


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  • GotGoose?
    04-08 03:14 PM
    Ok, I have added anti-aliasing to one of them and I think it looks better.
    Tell me what you think!

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  • eb3_nepa
    02-12 11:34 AM
    I am in Philadelphia so i would assume Vermont center. Is that a fair assumption, coz i have a previous I-140 and to the best of my knowledge it had gone to the Vermont center back then.

    However back in the day there was no premium processing for I-140 so things may have changed :(

    Has anyone in the North east USA recently received any approvals from the Vermont center?


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  • go_guy123
    05-31 05:39 PM
    If I remember my Uncle's word correctly, it was Ted Kennedy who was instrumental in relaxing (changing) the rules for future immigrants in 60 or 70's. Only then, we saw a huge increase in immigrants from India especially doctor's and engineers in 60's & 70's.

    Yes you are correct. Before 1965, there were immigration quotas based on the population mix of the existing US. Therefore western European countries like Germany, UK, Ireland etc
    had higher immigration quota compared to say eastern Europe, Asia, Latin America etc.

    So that 1965 in some way equalized the quotas. In order to the satisfy the "anti"s in those times they kept the 7% rule and hence the speech referred above by Ted Kennedy. So late 60s onwards people from India (including my Uncle) started coming to US.

    In fact in the past there have been periods of very restricted immigration to US

    By the way here is the case...
    where the 14th amendment (birthright citizenship) for children of illegal alien parent was tested in US supreme court.
    Therefore all these rules that you see tabled in congress to deny citizenship to some US born children are pure media publicity stunts.

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  • gc_on_demand
    12-03 03:47 PM
    A friend of mine has got 221G from the New Delhi consulate. He works directly for the company there is no client involved here. The consulate has requested the details of every single employee of the company along with their immigration status. My friend is trying to get that information from the employer.

    Any suggestion at this point????

    I don't think consulate ask details of all employees if size is 5k or more. Further more you can tell officer that it is impossible to get wage details of all employee. I hear some time some desi companies gives w2 of all employees etc.. would consular officer show his/her w2 ? but since our desi companies feeding what they need , they ask what ever...


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  • immilaw
    09-15 02:04 PM
    i remember IV team was earlier posting messages asking members to send questions because they have enough room to accomdate those in the same week. so i think the number of question is less now. this might be one of the reason we have conference call with lawyer once in two weeks.

    if they get more questions in future, they can have atleast one conference call per week or they can extend it 2-3hrs too. once we get more publicity and if our members count (and questions) are doubled or tripled, we can we have more sessions with same or different lawyer. what do you think?

    Sounds like a plan. Thanks for replying.

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  • qualified_trash
    12-12 03:43 PM
    You really do not have to say good bye to GC. If your labor has been cleared, you can apply I-140 Premium processing with your present company. Apply perm and I-140 with this new mid sized company. Transfer PD to new I-140 with new company. Go to India to start your company have them outsource to you. GC is for future anyways, work on your new enterprise in India for 1-2-3 years untill your pd becomes current (whenever that happens). At that point you have an option to file I-485. You can still continue in India, with an option to returning or decide at that point if you want to stay in the USA for 2-3 months every-year to maintain GC for 5 years to become US Citizen.
    very true!!


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  • alterego
    08-23 11:36 AM
    You def should get come Sept 1st

    I still dont see anyone within Octo 1st 2003, thats really cool

    Being current means very little. I've been there 3 times over the last few years. 4 years after filing my 485, and 2 RFEs later(each generated during a PD current period BTW) and 3 "currents", I am still waiting. I am on my 5th EAD.
    So while optimism is good, with the USCIS don't get too hopeful. Incompetence abounds.

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  • amsgc
    08-22 10:05 PM
    You had some numbers there, are they not good anymore?

    Msg deleted


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  • kittu07in
    08-20 06:39 PM
    no....485 is not applied for her. She don't have an EAD.

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  • reedandbamboo
    08-29 12:54 PM
    volunteer as a writer.

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  • imcdude
    10-17 01:59 PM
    If I had a million dollars, why would I want a Green Card.
    I would want to live like a King in India with servants and all.

    09-12 09:54 AM
    I believe the consulates aborad depend on the information on the internet.

    Some times they try to verify the information of the company such as the kind of business the company is into that the applicant is talking by doing a google search. It happened at one of my interviews..

    They do all on the fly when the interview is happening. I could see the interviewer typing Google and then the name of the company..

    I just saw this in latest Murthy bulletin about USCIS using Wikipedia and other internet based sources to gather information. This is serious news.

    RFEs or Denials May Not Be Based on Wikipedia Information

    The USCIS has been known to use an ever-growing number of publicly available sources, including internet sources such as Wikipedia. AILA members have been receiving denials based on the USCIS's use of information found on Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia to which anyone in the world may contribute information. As such, it should not be considered an objective or completely reliable source of information. SCOPS advised that it has notified the service centers and there should not be additional RFEs or denials based upon Wikipedia.

    It should be noted that, as a corollary, applicants and petitioners should not try to use Wikipedia as support for their filings or arguments, since it has been deemed an unreliable source.


    11-07 02:17 PM
    Thanks Chandu...
    Never knew somebody had compiled such a large list!!!

    I think this thread is a great way for people to share their experiences with consulting companies. Nothing like first hand information from people who have lived and learnt. However let's keep it positive. No unnecessary rants, if someone feels their company is bad, then by all means state it, but I hope we do so in a reasonably civil manner so as to keep the moderator's job nice and easy :)

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