Friday, April 10, 2009

Mercedes-Benz France Pictures

Mercedes-Benz France Pictures
Air France in Paris tonight confirmed there had been widespread baggage problems caused by the weather but declined to give an exact figure on the number of missing items. But the airline has issued 20,000 food vouchers and 500 taxi fares, as well as allowances for clothing.

A spokeswoman said: 'There have been some baggage difficulties. I don't have a number. It has been a very difficult situation. 'We were hit by the worst cold conditions for six years last Monday. It was a combination of difficult factors. 'We had two days of snow combined with heavy cold in Paris. We did not close Charles de Gaulle airport, though Marseilles and Toulouse did close, as did Milan and Turin.'

Air France said it had publicised the weather problems in France, and as of today the situation was returning to normal. However, many passengers have yet to be reunited with their luggage. Air France in London apologised for the problems and admitted it could have done better at relaying information to passengers. 'We could have improved our communications. We have to learn to be more transparent. There is room for improvement,' the company sai

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