Saturday, April 11, 2009

The 2010 Mercedes Benz Pictures

The 2010 Mercedes Benz Pictures
The car is planned to release in 2010, and hopes that it become as successful as its famous predecessor from the Fifties and Sixties, the legendary 300 SL. The engine will be a 620-hp V-8. Also, the new model will include some features from the future SL, but it will be a few centimetres shorter. Similar to the former gull-wing, the new sportscar has a tubular frame and rear-wheel drive. The Mercedes is planning to sell 3000 to 5000 units per year. The new car will be assembled at the Mercedes plant in Sindelfingen. The car’s development, however, is being undertaken by AMG in Affalterbach.

The 2010 mercedes benz slr mclaren stirling moss edition is like a throwback to that former model, even not having a full windscreen, or windows on the car. The doors even do not open out, but open up like a Lamborghini. True Mercedes Benz enthusiast will have to shell out an equivalent almost 1.2 million dollars US, which translates to about 750,000 euros. If you are a true Mercedes Benz car lover, you can picture yourself with a classic Stirling Moss racing helmet and goggles driving your car up to speeds of 217.5 mph.

When Mercedes-Benz unveiled their three brand new model cars at its North American International Auto Show 2009 New Year’s Reception in Detroit people were wowed and shocked to see the uniqueness of this particular edition alone. Many were able to get an up close look at it. 2010 mercedes benz slr mclaren stirling moss edition

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