Friday, April 10, 2009

The Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design

The Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design
This is not what we expected to hear from MB, after seen the spy shots, but it looks like Mercedes-Benz will not sell the B or the A-class in the US after all. Reuters spoke with the Group sales and marketing Chief Klaus Maier, where he told them that "...his group did not want to dilute the brand by moving too far down market." This of course was always the risk, even with the introduction of the Smart car. Even though, the Smart was a different company, Mercedes was afraid that since they own the company people would associate them with the Smart Company. This is a bit different, and we can all understand their fear, but the A and B-class didn't dilute the brand in Europe, why should they here.

Of the three vehicles designed by Mercedes, two dealt with the "adventure" of search and rescue. One, the Mercedes Mojave Runner, is a "gas-electric hybrid designed to thrive in extreme heat, rough terrain or unpredictable weather." The second, the smart Rescue Vehicle, is designed for "the adventures and tasks that a lifeguard endures on a daily basis, such as first aid, beach patrol, safety and water rescues."

The third vehicle, the Maybach California Gourment Tourer, differs greatly from the two previous vehicles. Instead of focusing on search and rescue, the Maybach is "the ultimate machine to enjoy a culinary adventure." It's chauffeured by software using GPS guidance, and comes "fully equipped with every onboard feature imaginable to store and prepare food and wine."

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