Tuesday, June 7, 2011

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  • sam_hoosier
    11-27 01:34 PM
    I have read many threads that discusses the pros and cons of using EAD over H1 and the common benefit that everyone mentions is that the salary is usually better for a person on an EAD. I spoke to several people who've started using their EAD and realized that even though it opened up opportunities with companies that do not have a policy of sponsoring H1, it DID NOT give them a boost in the salary.

    My question is how do people intend to leverage on having an EAD for a higher salary?


    EAD gives you more negotiation power. Most companies are willing to negotiate on one or two things while making an offer e.g. salary, bonus, vacation, H1B/GC etc. If you take out H1B/GC out of that mix, chances of negotiating on salary are higher.

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  • Jaime
    09-14 11:55 AM
    Guys, chanduv23 is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!!! We stand to lose a lot if we don't stand up for our rights!!

    It's easy to let others do the job for you. Does that sound familiar? Don't many of our employers use us on H1 visas that way? Taking advantage of the situation to get more for less or nothing??? ARE YOU GOING TO BEHAVE IN THE SAME MANNER, ESPECIALLY WITH YOUR FELLOW FRIENDS-IN-STRUGGLE, FELLOW IMMIGRANTS???

    WAKE UP GUYS! If we keep saying that we need you it is because YOUR PRESENCE WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

    We look forward to helping anyone who needs any kind of assistance. Unless you had a business trip scheduled, or have a medical emergency. THERE IS NO REASON NOT TO ATTEND!!!

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  • jcrajput
    10-12 04:08 PM
    Can anyone please reply? Thanks.

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  • lost_in_gc_land
    01-31 01:24 PM
    Hi statuslaw,
    Can you share all your experience and discussions with the DOS and their contact information for my case? Thank you



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  • roseball
    02-18 03:25 PM
    Thanks, Elaine!

    I have a follow-up question: Can the experience gained with the current Employer be used as basis for the EB2?

    Yes, but only if the new EB-2 positon's job duties are atleast 50% different from your current job duties.

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  • va_217
    12-31 12:50 PM
    Not sure about the Mexico consulate, but you will most probably face problems if you go to Chennai consulate.In case if you decided to take chance and go to Mexico, make sure that you have valid F1 visa to come back to USA. Otherwise you have to stay in Mexico :-)

    If I am in your position, i will not this type of chances.

    how can you come on F1 back, when your status is changed to H1 as you have to show valid I-20 for F1 which you don't have or you have enrolled in any school for MS, MBA or..... as you changed from F1 to H1 you anyway need stamping.
    Please correct me if I am wrong


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  • dtekkedil
    07-02 11:50 PM
    The Honorable Emilio T. Gonzalez
    Director U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service

    20 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
    Washington, D.C. 20529

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  • gmail
    12-21 12:47 PM
    I want to be more specific. I have a full time job. I'd like to setup a business LLC to get some contract works. For tax benefit, I can deduct some business cost with it.


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  • wanaparthy
    03-25 01:57 PM

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  • eb3_nepa
    04-03 10:50 PM
    DOS tried to update the system reflecting a big jump in the visa dates for May. The system was unused to any changes lately - leave aside such large forward movements - and as a result it crashed.

    DOS managed to recover the system by replacing all date fields with character fields. The rumor is that the value for all those character fields is now "C", whatever that means.

    Good one!! :)


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  • skpanda
    05-17 07:10 PM
    Upgrade of the existing case.

    Good Luck!

    Is upgrading to premium actually an upgrade of the existing case or is it just a new application filed under premium?

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  • vaishnavilakshmi
    06-22 11:16 AM

    U can save the pdf files as u save ur word docs or floppy symbol to the left side on the top bar as u know .But cannot edit the pdf files unless and until u have pdf writer in ur system.

    Hope this helps u,


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  • gcbikari
    03-18 11:57 AM
    Most of people file taxes jointly and so I am wondering if it becomes an issue for spouse on H4 about false info on income.

    If your wife is on H4 she has no income hence she qualifies for free medicaid insurance. provided you fill out the forms the right way.

    And there is a seperate Health insurance sponsored by government for kids below 18 years. based on your wife's Medicaid, your child can qualify for that insurance in your state.

    You might need to buy insurance for you.

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  • adurthy
    11-07 11:35 AM

    We have applied for AP on Oct 1st and its still pending .

    I have the following questions.

    1) Can we enter using the AP thats gets approved when we are outside the US
    2) How to expedite AP process other then business emergency as my wife is not working
    3) can she enter using H4 even though she has used AP and EAD before. is there any problem to GC
    4) I am going to India in Dec , assuming I get the AP by then is it ok for her to enter using h4 and myself AP.

    Thanks in Advance for your suggestions


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  • seaken75
    10-31 08:41 PM
    Hi all,

    Need your help and experience in this!

    I received an RFE for my EAD and AP a few days ago. This has to do with me not registering myself during the NSEERS Special Registration. They want to know why i did not register for the NSEERS.

    I visited an attorney around March 2003 regarding the Special Registration and was adviced that I dont have to register because my last entry to the U.S. was in January 2003. That was when return for school after going back home for my Christmas holiday. I have been an F-1 student since September 1998.

    Reading the NSEERS requirement (http://www.ice.gov/doclib/pi/specialregistration/Call_In_Group4.pdf), my interpretation is that i should be exempted since my last entry to the U.S. is AFTER September 30, 2002. Is my interpretation right or wrong?

    Please advice.


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  • ram_nara303
    01-15 10:50 AM
    I don't think it is not a issue as my friend's father also a retired Navy personel with the INdian Navy had no issues. All he had to so is show that he is a retired personnel and may have to show proof that he is just coming to visit and not to stay back.


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  • pbojja
    08-15 01:18 PM
    USCIS does not know what they are doing and what the process is ..I m surprised they give information to your lawyer ...

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  • wandmaker
    11-16 08:17 PM
    I called NSC but I never heard the option that you mentioned (Receipts not received). Could you explain it?

    800-375-5283 - I choosed 1,2,2,6,2,2,1 ; I got connected to CSR Level 1 and Level 2.

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  • punjabi
    07-18 10:50 AM

    Even my co-workers (including me) have not received their returned applications. I have a question here:

    The Cover letter of my 485 petition was signed by MY EMPLOYER on the company's letterhead. Just in case, just in case, INS decides to return that application - will it be sent to my employer's address or to my residential address??

    There was no attorney involved and it was not a concurrent filing with I-140.

    Appreciate your reply.


    02-06 06:30 PM
    Hi Anand,

    I am in the same boat as your spouse. I am on H4. Just today I got a very harsh reply from an attorney saying that I cannot volunteer in any way that is related to my field ( I am an IT pro) even in a non-profit organization. I am little bit upset after this episode because I wanted to volunteer for a non-profit Org.

    In the land of opportunities I don't have opportunity even to volunteer in a non-profit organization to keep in touch with my subject. First time I realized that I am living in a prison.

    Don't take my word. Consult an attorney because H4 holder volunteering in one's own field is illegal it seems. Wish you all the best.

    I dont think it is true.
    You can volunteer to any field but not 40 hours / week , there are limitations i beleive 4 to 8 hours/week and not for cash reimbursement. Usually Org gives you free lunch voucher or something, thats it.
    Anand: you want to work voluntarily and expect to get paid in cash , that is not legal.

    12-12 02:47 PM

    I had one A# on my EAD (during OPT), as xxx-xxx-xxx, which was expired after OPT was end. Then, after I filed my I485 application, I obtained another A# showed on I-797C form, as Axxxxxxxxx. So I am quite comfused that which one is my current A#. Does A# change with our status? Thanks.
    Alien # starts with A. The one your have is your A#, the one you had during OPT is not a A#.

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