Wednesday, June 8, 2011

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  • desi3933
    02-25 01:08 PM
    You are wrong. Since she is currently on an H1B, her previous H4 stamp is invalid. She will need to get it restamped. When she returns, at the port of entry, unless she gets her H4 restamped, her status will be H1B and she will not be let in on her old H4 stamp.

    >> Since she is currently on an H1B, her previous H4 stamp is invalid.
    Incorrect. Total BS in your post.

    Re-entry using H4 visa will get her back into H4 status, like your attorney suggested.

    Not a legal advice.
    US Citizen of Indian Origin

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  • swartzphotography
    June 25th, 2006, 06:58 PM
    i dont know about paying but i shure would take pics of the event lolShow of hands. How many would pay to see Fred streak pushing his baby buggy full of gear?

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  • julsun
    01-03 12:55 PM
    From what you say do you mean your wife now has no current visa status?
    If so she has to have advanced parole in hand to travel. She is effectively now on her EAD and AOS combined and neither of these bestows travel privileges.

    If however, as other responders have assumed, that your wife is on an H4 now as your dependent then she can go for visa stamping and re enter the US on that visa

    Yes she not current visa status :-( Thats why I am worried about her travel plan.

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    04-26 11:03 AM
    You definitely need an attorney's representation. Dont waste time mulling over it as more time you waste, bigger the problem.


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  • jambapamba
    08-03 05:11 PM
    Not advisable for the same company unless the new job duties are changed significantly.:cool:

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  • neeidd
    10-09 06:04 PM
    What is the secondary inspection about? Is it just sitting and waiting while they do some checks on our file or do we have to answer some questions? Please let me know



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  • drirshad
    07-09 04:56 AM
    LCA at 485 level should not be considered and that could be the reason u never heard of one .....

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  • itsmesabby
    06-28 09:39 PM
    Thank you so much Elaine for your quick response..

    So am I correct to assume that there is no need to renew the I-94 if one enters using the AP.. I am myself also planning to use my AP for re-entry later this year, but have the H1-B approval valid till 2011, so was a little confused as to if I would be needed to renew my new I-94 if it is issued for 1 year based on AP..


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  • Hong12
    02-04 01:04 AM
    My PERM has been pending for over one year, and I just got the H1 Approval for 1 year and 2 months (1 year H1 Extension and 2 months recapture time). I am currently in Malaysia and need to apply for a visa at US Consulate in Malaysia. Since I am on the H1 visa, I have to show the proof that I will return back to Malaysia after the end of my work period in US. Accordingly, I would need to purchase the round trip ticket. The issue is that the plane ticket only valid for the maximum of 1 year, but my visa valid for 1 year and 2 months. Please advise if one way plane ticket would be sufficient for the visa interview or need to be a round trip plane ticket. If it is not, what should I do? Also, I wonder if the application package including I-129 submitted to USCIS need to be stamped �Certified True Copy� with the original signature of the lawyer or employer for the visa interview. Can I use the copy one that is stamped �Certified True Copy� with the non-original signatures of my lawyer or employer? Anybody pls help. Thank you very much.

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  • malibuguy007
    10-01 07:06 PM
    I sent an email blast to my friends and got the first response already. The person contributing is not a member of the site but understands the issue.

    His confirmation number is 86FZ6-TMC55


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  • eborbust
    07-01 09:19 AM
    To Administrator: Why are you deleting my post. I am just copy pasting a PURE TRUTH i.e. a TEXT OF LEGISLATION. I am not making up things. There are many other threads where people are just discussing unnecessary stuff. I am just saying that legal immigrants who have not yet applied for EB should contact congress to include us in any kind of amnesty - not exclude us. How does this view go against anybody in this forum?? Infact it will benefit everybody. A "blanket" amnesty will give everybdy a GC including those who have and those who havent applied for EB yet.

    I am not saying the 2009 or 2010 CIR would definitely exclude legals in US from amnesty but we should contact congress and white house that it should not happen like the it was almost going to happen in 2006.

    Search Results - THOMAS (Library of Congress)

    Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2006 (Placed on Calendar in Senate)


    (a) Short Title- This section may be cited as the `Immigrant Accountability Act of 2006'.

    (b) Adjustment of Status-

    (1) IN GENERAL- Chapter 5 of title II (8 U.S.C. 1255 et seq.) is amended by inserting after section 245A the following:


    `(a) Adjustment of Status-

    `(1) PRINCIPAL ALIENS- Notwithstanding any other provision of law, including section 244(h) of this Act, the Secretary of Homeland Security shall adjust to the status of an alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence, an alien who satisfies the following requirements:

    `(A) APPLICATION- The alien shall file an application establishing eligibility for adjustment of status and pay the fine required under subsection (m) and any additional amounts owed under that subsection.


    `(i) IN GENERAL- The alien shall establish that the alien--

    `(I) was physically present in the United States on or before the date that is 5 years before April 5, 2006;

    `(II) was not legally present in the United States on April 5, 2006, under any classification set forth in section 101(a)(15); and

    `(III) did not depart from the United States during the 5-year period ending on April 5, 2006, except for brief, casual, and innocent departures.

    Under any such plan, an Illegal guy living in US for 2 or 3 years will get green card before a legal guy on F1 visa or working on H1B living in US for 2 or 3 years.

    We should all contact congress to not to limit any kind of so called "Legalization or Earned path to Green Card" to illegals in US only. Legals should also be included. BUG THE WHITE HOUSE AND SENATORS FOR THIS OTHERWISE YOU'LL BE LEFT OUT. ACT NOW...

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  • brij523
    02-17 08:33 AM
    I think I would like to see more post saying -

    1) I contacted my congress member or Senator. Have their commitment to support legal immigration.
    2) I send mail to XYX number of my friend to join IV. Some may join and some may ridicule. But as IV member you did the job. The new member could either contribute 5 minutes of time everyday to contact Senator, Congress member or contacting friend, contibute money or at least raise the membership of this forum. Remember we are putting time to help ourself not IV. Because I know after most of us get GC, we will move on with life and next generation IV member will continue the effort.
    3) I would like to see people in major city, launching a compaign to collect money. One of the idea which I think would be very useful is working with the Temple authority and selling food on some occasion. Some kind of arrangement should be made with Temple authority to get major part of sale collection to IV. This way we multiply our money. $20 can be easily made into $100 with some time from members.
    My limitation is - I am in a village. But I will do something. I would not let limitation stop me.



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  • anilsal
    07-17 12:51 AM
    But that idea may face long odds. AILA's Kuck says that current law prohibits green cards from one year to be used in other years. And he thinks there is no appetite in either Congress or the White House for writing new pro-immigration legislation, after the comprehensive immigration reform proposal went down in flames earlier this summer. "I don't think they'd touch the issue with a 10-foot pole," says Kuck. "This issue has become radioactive."

    Which law prohibits usage of unused visa numbers? I guess that is one of our provisions that we are demanding. :)

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  • sanju
    02-05 09:40 PM
    My wife received the FP notice 3 weeks ago and her FP is tomorrow. I never received it even though I am the primary applicant. I do see updates on my I-485 application but no FP notice. The USCIS center is quite far away from my home. Can I try to go there with my wife and see if they can do my FP also tomorrow or is that a lost cause?

    This happened to me twice in last 3 years and this is what I can tell you from my experience.

    All member of the family should go for the finger print because often times figer print notices are lost in the mail. I went to the IO at the center and told IO officer that I did not receive the FP notice. She checked in the system and said that FP notice was sent for me as well. IO officer printed a FP notice right at the spot and handed that to me so that my wife and I could give finger prints together. If you do not give the finger print, the risks is that CIS may send you another notice or may send you the "last notice" before considering your application as abandoned.

    I would say - better safe than sorry.


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  • camarasa
    08-01 08:07 PM
    It's Mrs Lofgren not Mr Zoe...

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  • MatsP
    May 18th, 2005, 07:39 AM
    I just realized that I didn't explain what HDR is- The idea is to take a series of more or less 10 photos with different shuttle speeds and then composite them into one unique image that will capture all the light effect due of the high range of the natural light.

    The exposure range of a modern digital camera is about 5 stops, or a range of 32 times more light in the lighter than in the darkest region. If you take one shot at -2 and one at +2, you've extended the range by 4 stops in total. This will give 9 stops, 512 times more light in the lightest part than in the darkest part. This is A LOT of range. You could extend this to three stops either direction, and get 11 stops range, which is about 2000 times more light in the lightest region than in the darkest.

    If we assume that you start out at 1/125 f=8, then the 3 stops would give you:
    1/15 f=8 +3
    1/125 f=8 0
    1/1000 f=8 -3

    1/15 f=8 is about the right for a relativley dimly lit indoors scene, 1/1000 f=8 is good for outdoors.

    I'm not sure exactly what you're after in this, but I would think that would be sufficient for most purposes. If it's not, can you explain under what circumstances you're (planning on) taking these photos?

    Also, note that the range for a normal PC's display is about 10 bits, or 1024 levels (in the DA converter that converts the digital value to a "light value" on the way to becoming a bunch of electrons hitting a flourescent media [Plasma panel/CRT displays], or on the way to being a LCD-cel [in a LCD panel]l set to a certain level of darkness).



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  • CADude
    07-22 06:15 PM
    cool site for analysis. I added mine in

    If you go to this site:

    you will see that people that got USCIS I485 receipts, are those whose forms reached USCIS on Jun 25th. That would mean that as of last week USCIS was entering in the cases that came in in the end of Jun. They are not doing July filers yet....
    My best bet is that they will begin doing July filers in the middle of next week (7/25) or even later and we will start seeing checks cleared by that date....

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  • GCAmigo
    06-15 08:45 PM
    What is a EVL letter ?

    EVL (


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  • gc78
    10-09 02:00 PM
    I had to travel to Switzerland recently and was in a similar situation. I explained to the visa officer that my H1B stamp had expired and was planning on using AP for travel. She was fine with it, mentioned that AP supersedes H1B stamp anyway and issued the Swiss visa.

    01-23 02:46 PM
    Positive things moving our way. Nice one

    01-30 08:50 PM
    FYI Florida already gives only 1 year licences no matter how long is ur Legal visa status is valid f1/h1/h4/ any other kind .... they also write "temporary" on bold red color currently on ur licence.


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