Friday, June 3, 2011

quotes about old friends

quotes about old friends. quotes on old friends
  • quotes on old friends

  • Bernard SG
    Apr 28, 12:25 AM
    So you go with the company that has shown that is will look for any way to make an extra buck.
    I trust Google a hell of a lot more than Apple.

    Now that Apple is in the ads game I can tell you they will be a lot worse about sharing your data than Google ever was and will be.

    That assessment of Apple's approach to those matters is quite unfair either because you're being disingenuous or because you are not really following Apple's business.

    As an example, Apple has deliberately hurt its revenue by refusing to give in to magazines publishers that wanted to get consumer information of iPad users buying their magazines apps.

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  • Friendship - Quotes and Images

  • Legion93
    Apr 27, 01:09 PM
    The master of troll has spoke.

    Could people stop calling each other trolls? Grow up.

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  • DJ OJ
    Oct 19, 05:43 PM
    30 second limit? Uh Oh. :mad: I have made to many mistakes this contest. :)

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  • mikw4
    Nov 16, 06:01 PM
    Is there anything available for the ipod touch that will let me transfer/view/save pictures off my digital camera? Something like what is available for the ipad? Apple Ipad Camera Connector ( Or will that work with the touch? Thanks.


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  • AvSRoCkCO1067
    Sep 26, 11:08 PM
    My dotmac is set to expire.

    I will renew if Apple foots the bill again.

    A couple of years ago they inadvertently deleted all my webpages and so when they were writing to goad me into renewing I said why should I? You deleted my webpages. So they gave me a complimentary year.

    Then last year I paid for it again but they deleted a lot of my messages with an overly aggressive server-side spam filter. Plus they've been plagued with e-mail outages this last year.

    I will call customer service. If they pay for it, I'll continue. If not, then I'll have a hard time justifying the expense.

    Everyone's been plagued by the same email outages...why should you expect special treatment?

    quotes about old friends. quotes on old friends
  • quotes on old friends

  • Skorpion24
    Feb 14, 05:47 AM
    Latest ;) (


    quotes about old friends. friends quotes and sayings.
  • friends quotes and sayings.

  • MACiVoy
    Apr 25, 09:15 AM
    I will be paying full price for one..

    Why you ask?

    Because I can, and I want to separate from the masses..

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  • ghostlyorb
    Apr 29, 07:34 AM
    once people get to upgrade their phones... iPhone will be #1 on verizon.


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  • jrko
    Apr 5, 03:02 AM
    Hi Zen. Yeah i understand I need to change the firmware. I was focusing all my panic on the kernal crashes and will look at installing the cards today and updating the firmware whilst i'm at it.

    Thank you very very much for the assistance you have provided. It really is 'above & beyond' and really marks you out as one of the top contributors to this forum.

    I've spent some time in the non PPC section and it seems to be full of haters, and mac-bashers - 'why hasn't the new ****** got ******? Apple are so crap/expensive/dont care about the little man' etc etc etc ad infinitum.

    It seems the camaraderie of keeping older machines running makes for a more peaceful, happy section of the site.

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  • w_parietti22
    Sep 24, 08:56 PM
    Scared, and scarred for life.

    Damn them.....

    oops... I meant scarred. Typo! :D


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  • Sam21
    Jun 14, 04:08 PM
    I'll either be at Chelmsford O2 or Lakeside Apple, haven't decided yet..

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  • satcomer
    Apr 6, 07:57 AM
    Then when you use an email Server use IMAP ( instead of POP ( and keep your email on the server (until that server goes away).


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  • nospleen
    Dec 15, 09:16 PM

    I have a mint iPod mini dock for sale. I will sell it for 12 shipped anywhere in the states.

    quotes about old friends. quotes about old friends.
  • quotes about old friends.

  • KnightWRX
    May 2, 06:49 AM
    Do you ever question your life
    Do you ever wonder why
    Do you ever see in your dreams
    All the castles in the sky :)

    You do realise the negative connotation of those lyrics right ? Anyone thinking "Castle in the sky!" is positive and cute needs to wake up to what was actually meant by the metaphor.

    Next you guys will be telling us how great it is for Apple to build houses on sand.


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  • anarchist
    Jan 18, 02:42 PM

    Nice app that (in my experience) flawlessly finds missing info on any song in your iTunes directory including artist, album, genre, track number, album art, etc. Even if you don't pay and have the program do your work for you (3 at a time without license) it's still a LOT faster than finding all the information accurately yourself. :cool:

    A license is $20 USD.

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  • matelot
    Apr 16, 09:22 AM
    Anyone has experience with Miro player ?

    I'm tired of running video in browser or VLC and have MBA running hot and fan going at 6K rpm full on.

    Does the MBA run better playing video on it ?

    MBA rev A


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  • Turbojugend27
    Aug 2, 01:33 PM
    I'd wait until they get BR working fine, last I checked they couldn't get 50 gigs working properly, only 25. So as of right now, HD-DVD holds more at 30 gigs than Blu-ray at 25.

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  • iDM
    Sep 24, 06:53 PM
    Lets say his girlfriends parents say it's ok for them to sleep in the same room. Also, lets say that you also know that your son is having sex. Lets also say that your son has been going out with this girl for 3 months. So would you let him or not?

    I only read the first post, but since your asking opinions I would say it depends on a couple of things?

    Do you feel your son is responsible enough to use protection, after all you may want grandchildren, but not this early.

    Finally depending on if your son is going away to college or not your gonna have to face the music that sleep overs are gonna happen there regardless

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  • caspersoong
    Apr 29, 04:16 AM
    I always thought that Apple could not meet demand... or is that still so?

    Oct 6, 12:53 AM
    People here seem to really be freaking out about this textarea business. Its really not that big a deal.

    How many users are going to resize the textarea so large that its double or quadruple its original size? - Probably not too many and unless you have a layout that tries to deal with every edge case perfectly, your site is going to break a bit.

    Now in the real world most users - if they even bother to resize at all - are going to expand it just enough to make it easier to write in, probably not making it even 1.5x original size.

    In most cases your layout is not going to break if you've put any thought into it.

    Finally, are we all forgetting that WebKit supports min/max-width and height? This DOES apply to textarea's so everyone can stop freaking out about users breaking their layouts. Though I must say, having used the feature it is quite handy so don't knock it until you've tried it - and I am a web designer so I do realize the havoc it can wreak.

    No need for user agent sniffing. No need for Javascript hacks. A couple lines of standards compliant CSS is all thats needed.

    The Safari/WebKit engineers are some very smart and talented people - that people would assume that they would go off and implement such a feature willy nilly without giving any thought to it like people are implying is an insult and plain rude.

    Oct 9, 04:43 PM
    I though this was an upgrade from Tweetie 1 and now i have to pay again for the same app :mad:

    There's a whole other thread for whining about that.

    Sep 5, 08:39 AM

    Apr 9, 10:27 PM
    Here's mine for now lol Taken from my P365 used Instagram to do the effects and Diptic to create the dyptic


    Aug 9, 04:31 AM
    here's mine at the moment!

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