Thursday, June 16, 2011

New BMW M5 emerges...

...and it looks alright, doesn't it? OK, it's not excitingly muscular in the way that the AMG C63 is, but it carries off the sensible-slacks-packing-heat motif rather nicely.

Eschewing the age-old no M car should ever be turbocharged adage by strapping a brace of turbos to the S63 engine (as used to embarrassing effect in the distinctly un-M-like X5M & X6M), it promises 552bhp, which is bloody loads. BMW also reckon it'll use 20% less fuel than the previous generation, but no M5 buyer will give the slightest toss about that. It'll pounce across Europe in a single bound, then shred its tyres on a whim. That's what it's for.

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