Monday, June 13, 2011

Grid Look

Always keen to learn about a new modifying niche, SuckSqueezeBangBlow was interested to note this fresh new take, courtesy of Fast Car: Grid Look.

There are two ways to interpret the name. Firstly, it could be that the car would look at home on the grid in a clubman race. Or secondly, it could be the Rota Grid alloys it's wearing.
The fundamentals of the look comprise a stripped and caged race-ready interior, an aggressive stance (perhaps, in a tongue-in-cheek manner, a little too aggressive for actual motorsport) and a clean, smooth exterior in a crisp colour, broken up by bright in-your-face detail. So it's kind of Euro, kind of drift, kind of like a race car without the decals, and very welcome - we look forward to the growth of Grid Look in the UK. Now, who wants to lend us a few quid for a rollcage...?

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