Saturday, June 11, 2011

ford fiesta 2011

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  • jonty_11
    05-21 05:47 PM
    You think its that easy to swing it our way with DEMS in power.....aint happenning.

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  • beautifulMind
    07-17 11:14 AM
    You are in same situation as me as long your job duties for the new position are 50% different from old position you should be ok

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  • tabletpc
    04-06 07:59 AM
    Can anyone please give me some suggestions..

    My dad health is not stable and has been admitted to hospital. I would like to visit him. Does this qualify for emergency appointment. Mine is H1 revalidation.

    Also please let me know what forms I need to complete before going to india.

    Your suggestions are appreciated. Thanks

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  • snathan
    12-22 05:09 PM

    I am in a similar situation. What did your friend end up doing? I would appreciate any feedback on this.
    My 140 is approved, 6th year expires in March 09, 485 has not been filed due to retrogression and there is a potential for a layoff. Can I transfer 140 to a new employer and file 3 yr extension at the same time?

    You can not transfer I140. You may need to start from PERM and port your PD from the approvd I140. I am not sure about the H1 part.


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  • martinvisalaw
    10-06 05:45 PM
    You could apply to change status from L-1 to H-1B while staying in the US. If the L-1 expires while the change of status is pending, however, you could not work during the gap.

    You should not have a problem getting a H-1B visa in India. Have you thought about Canada or Mexico either?

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  • gmail
    12-21 12:42 PM
    so you can setup your own LLC. start hiring people?


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  • ivgclive
    02-25 10:13 AM
    Still it can not beat the MAGIC "82" vs New Zealand, Auckland in 1993/94, that cranked up the run machine "SACHIN"

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  • siravi
    08-20 06:15 AM
    Unless, people realize that it is in their interest to spread this grass root effort it is all futile. Do you guys really think that distributing fliers by four guys at the parade is going to make a difference.
    Though I really commend what these guys did and they were truly heroes but if I were them, then based on the turn out (only 4 people) I would have decided to go back.
    After all, these were not doing only for themselves but for every one else too.

    What a pitty! :mad:

    Glad you did not turn back!
    Thank you for plugging on and setting a great example! Great job, Sanjeev, Raj, Murali and Kumar, Thank You !!


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  • gconmymind
    04-30 01:25 PM
    Your wife's status should not be an issue if you are on H1, whether with your current employer or new employer. Do not use EAD until your wife has filed for 485 or is on her independent visa like H1, L1, F1, etc.

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  • jax999
    01-29 05:18 PM
    Anybody Travelled with only Advance Payrole through Frankfurt recently please post ?

    where they will check for transit visa in usa while boarding or in frankfurt or in india while return ?

    My nationality is Indian. Presently i am residing in USA . I have " Advance Payrole Document " . I am planning to travel in this February 2011 from " Atlanta -> Frankfurt -> India(Hyderabad) " and return is in May 2011 from " India(Hyderabad) -> Frankfurt -> Atlanta " in lufthansa airways.

    So shall i go for this round trip with a valid " Advance Payrole Document " only ? or i need to have " Air Transit Visa ? If i need Air transit Visa could you please let me know how to apply and what documents i need to submit .

    While pending i-485 if i applied for German airport transit visa is there any negative concerns because of that ?

    Please reply soon . I really appriciate you . Thank You.


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  • MatsP
    March 15th, 2006, 04:04 AM
    Nik gives some good advice.

    If you still want to continue shooting during the darker part of the show (and don't want to "fix" they eyes of every animal shot), you'll have to find a better way to light things - this means not using a direct strobe from the camera to the animal (or cowboy), as this is what causes the red/white eyes - light reflecting straight back from the eye to the camera.

    The simple way to solve this is to get an off-camera hotshoe for the flash, and place it at 30-45 degree angle away from where you're shooting in relaton to the subject. To get the best results, you'll probably want to have TWO flashes, both at an angle from the subject.

    You still won't get "all" great shots, but they will be noticably better than the current setup.

    The next step further would be to use proper studio strobes (two or three). Of course, you can no longer just walk into the arena with your camera at this point, but you probably need permission to put up some 6-8 foot tall stands with the strobe on it, and find some power sockets to connect the strobe power unit to, etc, etc... This is similar to how I understand that Kevin Sadler does his job - and horse-shows and that sort of thing is his business... He may well be around to give more advice at some point.


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  • anilsal
    12-13 12:01 PM
    What on earth makes you legal to work with an expired Visa?

    Expired visa stamp. His H1B approval petition with a new I-194 at the bottom provides his work authorization.

    To answer your question, since you will need to get a visa stamp in India, it is better to check with the french consulate, as to whether you need one. Typically, the US visa stamp on the passport that has not expired is usually sufficient.


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  • english_august
    09-16 11:57 PM

    There are people who are working extremely hard to make this a success. People living within the driving distance of DC - please, there is still time. This rally will be a great occasion to network, learn and stand up for your issues. Just imagine the energy and buzz coming out from this rally. If you can make it, please do so.

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  • gcisadawg
    07-29 07:36 AM
    I doubt that. Returning after a long period on AP would sure make the POE officer grill that person, as AP is supposed to be used in case of emergencies and humanitarin grounds. I was grilled at IAD on return after 30 days and the POE officer asked me to present documentary evidence of the emergency to travel outside US.

    The officer you met did not know the difference between AP applied on humanitarian grounds and AP applied based on pending I-485.

    My wife entered NEWARK after 6 months in India ( using I-485 based AP) and no questions were asked although the waiting time inside the secondary inspection room was really long.


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  • now2know
    May 18th, 2005, 07:21 AM
    I just realized that I didn't explain what HDR is- The idea is to take a series of more or less 10 photos with different shuttle speeds and then composite them into one unique image that will capture all the light effect due of the high range of the natural light.

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  • CareerHit
    10-15 12:01 AM
    Wow .. I did not know that this was a grey area :)
    Amazing .. no one doing this?
    I have a friend who does this, but he hasn't consulted a lawyer :).
    Anyone who has spoken to a lawyer?


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  • eeezzz
    10-09 04:14 PM
    and when the processing dates move forward, the pd will retrogress. they will find ways to scr** this way or that.

    I think processing dates only matters about if you can do SR. It doesn't matter if they are going to adjust your I-485. The reason I think this way is based on processing date for EAD and AP. Myself and many people got EAD or AP and our dates are no where close to the date list on processing center. So I think processing center date not really matters if they have your case in hand and ready to adjust.

    Maybe when the boss at USCIS thinks CSR are bored, they will adavnce the date to keep them busy with SR.

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  • shana04
    06-15 11:34 AM
    Dear Friends,
    Please advise me

    1. Does the birth certificate issued by Indian consulate in foreign country is deemed acceptable?
    Thanks you all.

    If Birth Certificate issue by Indian consulate then it should be ok, as it is from consulate

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  • permfiling
    09-08 11:42 PM

    Your response to this post is harsh/mean.

    Can you give a single reason why not these guys shouldn't port or stick with their EB-2 priority date?

    We should wish EB-3 dates also move and the guys get their GC before porting EB-3 to EB-2, otherwise EB-2 will retrogress (that�s the truth) and those are eligible to port will do it.

    It seems you missed the step of porting while filing I-140 (EB-2). Now, ask your attorney about the options.

    My response is not supposed to be mean. I too wish that eb3 progresses. Well if by all means go ahead and do the process if the law permits but won't those cases get more complex?
    The lawyers are hungry to get more $$$ as the case is complex and the processing as well.

    member of North California Chapter
    Donated $500 to IV
    EB2 PD 2005

    04-19 11:46 AM


    yes you can file, infact USCIS made procedures very simple and they have opened drive-ins 485 filing in aliance with McDonalds, just take all your papers tommorrow to drive-in window and don't forget get your fries

    I am amazed by ignorance of these people, google, read do some research before typing anything stupid

    08-15 12:07 AM
    +2003 11
    2004 37
    2005 49
    2006 35
    Total 132

    draw your own conclusions
    Seems right to me... I think a lot of 2004-2005 applicants are also getting approved.

    BTW, I am also a 2006 applicant and July 2nd filer but still waiting... :(

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