Saturday, June 11, 2011

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  • forgerator
    02-24 12:35 PM
    Truly amazing performance! For 13 yrs us Pakistanis were proud of Saeed Anwar's 194 record, but I have to say I don't mind at all that its finally broken by a class act that is Tendulkar. Definitely the best batsman of all time!

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  • gccovet
    08-22 10:30 AM
    Coming back on H-1B after using EAD
    Is it possible ? if yes then how ?
    Is there any risk in this ?

    Thanks for all who reads and reply..

    I am not 100% sure on this reply ....

    As soon as you use EAD, your H1B status is voided. I have read that if you have worked less then 6 months on EAD then there are chances that you could get back on the same H1.

    Now, once 6 months (180) days have passed, your unused H1 is supposed to get cancelled.

    You may want to check with some good attorney though.

    Sorry, not much help.

    Good luck.

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  • rkm
    07-17 06:34 PM
    Thanks again for all the IV support....Great news...

    Thank you very much Pappu, Logic Life and IV core members..

    Your great effort brought us this great news and relief

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  • puddonhead
    07-23 02:56 PM
    Assuming you have very good credit history - you may also consider getting Citibank PremierPass Elite card. It gives you 1 thankyou point for each mile - multiplied by the number of travellers when you book using this card. This is in addition to any airline miles you will earn.

    I got $500 of gift cards (staples/sears etc.) and cash checks from encashing the thankyou points (roughly fifty something thousand) from my last India trip. This card has $75 yearly fee - but that is more than compensated by the 20,000 bonus thank you points they give for enrolling in the card.

    And if you have a long layover like I had (7 hours) - maybe you could even consider one of those cards which gives you free lounge access. I have Citibank Platinum Amex. These cards require even better credit history than Premierpass Elite. Again - all these cards have yearly fee - but you can get bonus for enrolling which compensates for these. Mine has a $125/yr fee and gave me a bonus of 20,000 thankyou point for enrolling.

    I typically go to india every alternate year. My plan is to cancel these cards every year and re-enroll just before I travel.


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  • quizzer
    01-08 01:10 PM
    Has anyone managed to withdraw money from TCS PF from Mumbai India?

    If so, pls advise on the procedure for the same?


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  • posmd
    03-21 05:11 PM
    Would appreciate you updating this thread once you find out.


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  • techysingh
    01-15 10:17 AM
    You do need your AP and you would atleast copy (original is better) for your I140 approval and I485 receipt, I would have used DHL/FEDEX overnight or fastest service to make sure it is not lost. It is more money but best chance of not getting lost in transit.

    Here is my story. I am writing it for the benefit of all IV people in similar situation.

    I had the same case in 2008, I got pink slip for my H1B stamping on Feb 1. on Feb 15 I got a call that my case is clear and I can get it stamped. I gave my passport on 17th and checked for status on 20th and I was told that my case went into another admin processing and no time duration is known.

    Due to circumstances I had to travel on my AP on Feb 21 to US (I became an advance parolee). But my H1B approval was still valid and I could use my H1B to work in US. I even used the H1B approval+I94(AP based) for H1B amendment and my new I94 was changed to H1B instead of advance parolee.

    I got a call in may 2007 from consulate that my case is now clear and I can come for stamping. I requested them via email+phone to keep my case active until i come back to india in Nov 2008

    Now this scenario had a few gochas in it

    If I travel to India after the clearance call from delhi consulate before my I94 was modified. i.e. my I94 still has parolee status. If H1B is samped on the older I797 the good other wise next time i enter US on AP my H1B is gone since AP only lets you resume your status that you had before you left US and entered into US using AP.

    In my case luckily my status had changed to H1B due to H1B amendment so I could enter into US again on AP and still be able to maintain H1B status.

    This my story and based on research my wife did after i was stuck in India. And I did consult my company lawyer to check for the exact list of documents I need to carry with me in case I need them while entering into US.

    Be ready for longer than ususal time at the entry port since AP processing takes lot more time than a visa stamp(mine took 3 hours at LAX)
    All the best

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  • dpp
    10-12 12:19 PM
    Live in Carmel. Have been locked in this process for almost nine years.

    Is there an active state group?

    If so please send me a PM.

    I am from Fishers. Let me know if state chapter starts.


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  • siravi
    08-20 06:15 AM
    Unless, people realize that it is in their interest to spread this grass root effort it is all futile. Do you guys really think that distributing fliers by four guys at the parade is going to make a difference.
    Though I really commend what these guys did and they were truly heroes but if I were them, then based on the turn out (only 4 people) I would have decided to go back.
    After all, these were not doing only for themselves but for every one else too.

    What a pitty! :mad:

    Glad you did not turn back!
    Thank you for plugging on and setting a great example! Great job, Sanjeev, Raj, Murali and Kumar, Thank You !!

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  • dicarol18
    07-27 07:46 PM
    I sent the 140-765-485 on June 30. reached Nebraska on July 2...and I got receipt notice of 140, Does anybody know if I am going to receive Receipt Notices for 765-485 too or I have to let them know that I sent those Forms too????:confused:

    Please, I will wait for an answer...


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  • shukla77
    06-12 10:07 PM
    Got exact the same RFE for me and my wife. Will see what happens next week.

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  • H1B-GC-NY
    03-10 05:16 PM
    Any I140 recent approvals regarding 3 years degree Education RFE?


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  • lotsofspace
    01-24 02:30 PM
    Maybe your lawyer should jump into the well or go back to school ;)

    She is probably already going to school (a paralegal) :)

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  • days_go_by
    08-20 09:15 AM
    Or is it only for EB3
    for now only EB3.


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  • dan19
    08-22 03:23 PM
    Hello EB2ToEB3

    Do you remember whether your job requirement specifically asked for BS in CS or just BS in Engineering?

    Thanks for your earlier reply.


    I doubt that you need BS in CS. I have a BS degree in Chem engg but recently my I-140 got approved without any issue.

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  • snathan
    02-21 12:43 PM
    Thanks snathan. Can you please point me to a link that lists down the conditions needed to satisfy EB1/EB2/EB3. The link provide by samuel5028 is not working.


    IV is trying to eliminate the backlog and reduce the wait time for the EB2 and EB3. There is a lobby day arranged on Apr 4 & 5 DC. Please join the advocacy if possible. Otherwise you can donate money, air miles or hotel reward points for members who attending.


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  • HawaldarNaik
    11-20 11:47 AM

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  • coopheal
    11-03 04:55 PM
    I am a regular contributor.

    reached $525 and doing $25 from last month onwards.

    Thanks nc14

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  • tradahoo
    05-29 03:43 PM

    My PERM case was filed on mid-May and got audited on May 28.

    Will it be appropriate for me to join you all for the complaint or if my case is too recent?


    04-22 07:15 PM
    Took your advice and made another one.

    05-05 02:23 AM

    April 22, 2010

    PURPOSE: The purpose of the Texas Service Cemer (TSC) employment-based (EB) 1-485 Email Pilot Special Notification Initiative is to prOVide a mechanism by which applicants can facilitate TSC processes relating to speCific EB 1-485 application scenarios through an email address. The email address for this purpose is:
    Applicants will receive an automatic reply from TSC stating that the email was received. After submitting infonnation through this pilot email initiative, one follow-up inquiry may be sent if no communication has been received from TSC, such as a decision notice, a request for evidence, or other notice, within 90 days.
    The automatic email reply will proVide further information on how to submit the follow-up inquiry. This email account does not replace general inquiry processes that are in place for users; general inquiries
    received at this email account will not be addressed.

    1. What is the procedure to notify TSC when an applicant is eligible for porting under AC21?
    I. You should identify only one applicant in a single e-mail. E-mails must pertain to applicants whose 1-485s have been pending for 180 or more days and who are eligible for AC21 porting.
    2. You should send an email to:
    3. On the subject line, you should write "EB 1-485/AC21." (Example: EB 1-485/AC21).
    4. In the text of the email, you should prOVide: A-number, old employer's name and new employer's name. You should attach a copy of the new employer's letter of employment. The letter must
    identify the follOWing information: the new employer, the letter's author and his/her job title, applicants new job title, start date of new employment, hours per week, salary, and specific description of the duties to be performed.
    5. If the applicant has more than one A-number, you should type them both on the same line separated by a "/". (Example: All 1222333 I A444555666). If there are multiple family members, you should type them all on the same line separated by commas. (Example: AIII222333, A222333444, A444555666). You should also indicate which of the A-numbers is that of the principal 1-485 applicam I 1-140 beneficiary.

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