Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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  • veteq
    Feb 20, 06:32 AM
    Please share this. Awesome picture

    here it is

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  • Pipian
    Feb 18, 07:51 AM
    Is the "New Mail" Sound different in 10.3.8 then 10.3.7? I havn't noticed it, but I like it..

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  • Sweener88
    Oct 10, 01:13 AM
    I have ten that rotate every minute:

    Whered u get that dock!? :)

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  • HDJulie
    Feb 10, 10:10 AM
    I logged in & my current Family Talk 700 plan does not have the +, when I click change plan, no 700 minute plan shows as an option because I already have the 700 minute plan, & when I click on A-List it says I have no A-List. The FAQ for the A-List still says 1400 is the minimum for the Family plan. I'll keep an eye out, though, because it is certainly possible that if they made this change today, they haven't yet updated the site.


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  • Martin C
    Jan 13, 05:57 PM
    Why people keep saying that Steve is laughing his ass off, I have no idea. As if Steve has time to browse MacRumors when the largest Apple event of the year is under two days away.

    Pfft. Unecessary thread.

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  • Ommid
    Apr 25, 06:22 AM
    I dont like it.


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  • Nny0
    May 1, 09:26 PM
    Hello you cool, cool cats :cool:

    So about a month ago I upgrade from Leopard to Snow Leopard (brrrr so cold)

    About a week after that, I started having problems where my keyboard and trackpad would be unresponsive for about a minute. This would happen every few weeks.

    At one point, it wasn't just a minute, but about 10-20 minutes. :( But other than that, it'd just be for about a minute and would work again.

    Flash forward to today. It happened again, and it was one that still wasn't being responsive after 5 minutes. So, since I've been into my macbook a few times (replace optical drive and LCD), I figured I'd open it up to make sure the ribbon was all the way plugged in.

    Well, it was all the way plugged in; Tried unplugging it and plugging it back in. Except now it won't turn on at all. :((((

    So I was like "Yo google, my man, help me out!" And Google was all like "I gotcha, I gotcha" but google didn't got me. It seems unresponsive keyboard and trackpad is a common problem. One of the issues being a ribbon under the battery (Pressing it down did nothing) and resetting pram/smc (Except my keyboard doesn't work, so how do I do that?).

    In order to make sure it was my keyboard that was broken and not the logic board, I short circuited it to power up (Which I found out how to do on this forum - If you read this wesli_1 I <3 you baby!) and that worked fine and I was all like ok!

    Then I was like ha! I can reset the smc this way I think! So I held down the solder pads for a few seconds to reset the smc and was like plz baby plz! But still not working.

    So yeah, I certainly assume problem = the upper case keyboard thingy and to replace it. But since I've read a lot about people with unresponsive keyboard/trackpad that buying a new keyboard did nothing to remedy the issue, I figured I'd check here first to make sure everyones like "ya bro that's the issue, now order one and forget that **** and let's get wasted!" and I'd be like "I don't drink but thanks for the help!"

    It's a 2008 Macbook 4,1 if it matters.

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  • skyline r34
    Oct 9, 10:40 PM
    Here's mine


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  • Sankersizzle
    Aug 10, 04:44 PM
    Added geektool scripts finally! I feel like my corners are balanced now. So many useful small apps too! Let me know what you guys think! (

    this looks awesome! does having these scripts on your computer slow it down it all?

    if not, is there a tutorial to do this sort of this somewhere on this site? there used to be in one of the old desktop threads but i can't find it at the moment :(.

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  • benjooles
    Dec 22, 01:35 AM
    Winni -

    Danke sehr. Thanks for the time and effort to get back to me with a response that looks at things from a 'real world' perspective. Your points are issues which I have not even considered before.

    Everybody else -

    Thank you kindly for taking the time to get back to me. All points noted and considered.

    Since doing a little more research into it and taking the comments on this forum into account I have changed my opinion on whether or not macs should form part of our IT infrastructure. It would seem that the real world problems of planning for the future, ensuring user productivity and product support, not to mention the capital outlay issues are going to trump any warm fuzzy feelings that I may get from working with my mac at home. Being an engineering firm, the majority of our specialist software is, for the foreseeable future, going to be written for Windows only.

    Most importantly then, the positive user experience I have at home will almost certainly not carry over to the workplace and will more than likely only generate further frustration for other non-mac users. I currently have enough trouble simply trying to ensure compatibility between Excel '07 files and Excel '03. Adding Excel for Mac files into the mix will no doubt simply introduce another layer of complexity which is certainly not beneficial. This is indicative of many of the 'small' problems that are typically faced every day in the office, again, no thank you to having any more of those.

    While I wish the warm fuzzy feeling I get from using my mac at home could be translated into my working day experience, the fact of the matter at the moment is that facilitating this is just not practical or feasible and in a mixed PC / MAC environment not very likely to happen.

    The fanboy in me hopes that someday this will get sorted out, but I am not going to hold my breath.

    miles01110 -

    Thanks for the reality check, and I could not agree more with your take with respect to the the ways of the world and the importance of the real world concerns of IT people. IT is a department that I have never worked in, hence me posting on this forum to get some views on the topic at hand.
    I spend all day writing reports, specifications, data sheets, e-mails to clients and suppliers etc. All of which require dotting every I and crossing every T from a grammar point of view. I am not going to waste my time ensuring my grammar is perfect on a forum post... seriously bru - not helpful at all.


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  • Chundles
    Oct 9, 05:25 PM
    I though this was an upgrade from Tweetie 1 and now i have to pay again for the same app :mad:

    Not the same app, totally new app.

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  • iApples
    Mar 28, 01:40 AM
    I'm not talking getting hurt either ... maybe $500 dollars damage to your car would be a fair price to pay for your foolish lane change? ... fair enough karma for wishing that on the buyer?

    And now please state where I wished the buyer would lose his money?

    I said he deserves to lose his money, I never said I hope he does. There is a difference. We all know PayPal would never let something like this go through, and it would never hold up in court. It is a scam. But if you're not willing to even read the description of a product that you are purchasing online, then I really have no pity. When you go to a store you can physically see and feel the product. When you're buying something online, you look at the picture and then read the description to see exactly what it's about and if it's really what it says it is. In this case he looked at the picture and then placed a $450 bid...


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  • zen.state
    Apr 4, 11:19 AM
    The only drives that really go above 15 watts are the 10,000+ rpm like the raptor but even then it's maybe 22 watts. The WD black I boot from is about 14 watts but the green from WD or any low powered drive can be as low as 8-9 watts. The average would be about 12.

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  • mattcube64
    Dec 26, 02:01 AM
    It is good to see you have the most important game there, Golden Eye!!

    Lol! Yup! ... Was my most looked forward to game this Christmas! Really thankful my mom got me the bundle! :)

    My final haul:

    ... and then some socks, undershirts, cologne, candy, etc... Also got some cool Star Wars stuff, a great Saddleback wallet, and about $250 of unique giftcards/cash. Also bought Donkey Kong Country Returns a couple days ago at a GREAT bargain... but might return it since I probably won't get to it in a while.

    All in all, a fantastic Christmas. It's been a very hard year for me and my family; but you certainly wouldn't be able to tell today. I'm very, very grateful for my wonderful and loving family, and am very glad that I could see all my family over the last couple days.


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  • preguntonontrac
    May 1, 08:37 PM
    Today i was doing some changes in iTunes and suddenly the column or section on the right side where all my albums appear was completly gone. The library column still there and the middle one with all the artist is still there too but i want my right column back. Any ideas how to reset without affecting all my personal selections of songs?

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  • steve2112
    Jan 13, 07:14 PM
    Two points:

    1. I agree about the electrics, to an extent. Years ago, my old man bought an '88 Jetta, and it had two main problems - the electrical systems were horrible, and the body was not properly galvanized. It rusted before our eyes (hole in the floor after just 5 years) and most of the major electrical subsystems needed replacement within 5 years. However, it's worth noting that the Mexican-built VWs and the German-made VWs are quite different in quality. I may be wrong, but I believe that US-market GTIs are still made in Germany, and are the most reliable of the bunch. Several other VW-owning friends of mine have experienced a couple electrical gremlins here or there, but in terms of quality I'd still put VW's cars over the American Big Three for the most part. The interiors especially were superior.

    2. Funny that you point out FIAT as a bringer of quality to Chryselr...Chrysler must be pretty bad if that's the case, as FIAT has a reputation for making sensationally unrealiable cars. I'll concede that they have improved dramatically in the last ten years, but you know what I mean. For me, the best thing about FIAT's new relationship with Chrysler will be the arrival of FIATs in the USA and access to FIAT's small car (particularly diesel - fingers crossed) technology.

    I consider myself a bit of an automotive enthusaist, and I distinguish between autos that are intended to be appliances(Camry/Accord/Corolla/Minivans/basic Pickups etc etc) versus autos that are intended to be driven by enthusiasts.

    The Jetta was always kind of borderline between the two categories, but the VR6 and turbo models were definitely budget enthusiast cars. The same could be said about the Passat as a luxury car. With the new versions, I think they are decidely more "appliance" and less "driver's car".

    I had a coworker a couple of years ago who had a Jetta with similar problems. She cursed it every day. There does seem to be a big difference think you are correct about the GTI. I think all the recent problems have shocked the American brands into action, but I wonder if it will stick. Ford has especially been on a roll. They finally wised up and decided to bring their European models to the US.

    As for Fiat/Chrysler: I realize Fiat has had issues in the past (Fix It Again, Tony!) but they have improved. The 500 did win European car of the year a couple of years ago, after all. I think more than anything, they have given an influx of cash and permission to upgrade products. Like I said, under Daimler and Cerebus, they were ignored and neglected. The new V6 and current redesigns were already in the works, but Fiat just gave some money to speed up things. They seem to be headed in the right direction, but then again, Chrysler has the most up and down history in the business. Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne seems to be a good car exec and seems to be making good decisions.

    I'm an enthusiast as well. I've had 3 straight Mazdas because they have been reliable, affordable, but still fun to drive. The first gen Mazda 6 is probably the most fun I have had driving a FWD car. Sadly, like VW, they seem to have lost their way chasing the mainstream. The second gen 6 got much bigger and heavier, and seems to have lost its sporting nature. And I can no longer get it with a V6 and manual transmission. I may have bought my last Mazda.


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  • Kyffin
    Sep 10, 04:40 PM

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  • Mr. Anderson
    Jan 20, 02:36 PM

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  • Chas2010
    Apr 7, 09:19 AM
    On my iPhone 4, the animations are very choppy. For example when I tap an app, it doesn't "zoom" just freezes for a second then the app appears. Not jailbroken, and it does this even after a restore.

    Hopefully this update will fix's been going on for a while now.

    I second this issue. This problem only became a problem following an upgrade; my brand new iP4 ran like a champ! :(

    Oct 18, 09:12 AM

    Print ad. Probably funny as TV ad too. Popping up in the middle of an ad break. :D

    Sep 24, 03:28 PM
    I would have to agree with the others, if you "allow" it or not is irrelevant, it's not your call anymore.

    Apr 21, 07:59 AM
    We're winning! We're really winning this time!

    Suck on these :apple: :apple: :apple: :apple: fandroids.

    Rest of the world says hi. This thread is about alleged stats for the US only. Android is caning the iPhone globally.

    Dec 24, 08:10 AM
    Specifically mention how video resources can easily be composed with OSX Server's Podcast Producer and served to mac's iPhones/iPad.

    Another aspect ... no NEED to purchase different PDF volume licenses for Adobe Pro/Standard 9/10 for simple editing [I'm unsure if Preview can edit Tables/create them].

    MS Office is now properly available for OSX and is up to par with 2010 for Windows: including ability to import, edit and add-on to PST files. This will be an important mention.

    * Key point. Mention a server based email anti-virus license solution - for outbound emails, or FTP/Sharepoint sites that have files uploaded to Windows users that your company/employees communicate with.

    * MS Office Communicator [OCS] is now available and COMPLETELY compatible for Mac - part of Office 2011 as I'm ALREADY doing this without need for a VPN connection [using OWA settings] with corporation contacts in OCS.

    * more standardized ordering of hardware makes support MUCH MUCH easier. Having a high level apple certification for both hardware/server - makes your argument THAT MUCH more sound and heard in a more official and presentable voice.

    * Mention how Open Directory supports Active Directory infrastructure - again certification and a direct line of specific Apple support in this respect WILL be crucial and helpful.

    Aug 17, 09:07 PM
    I guess it looks a bit like it - never seen it before. I started with just the shark but then I thought he needed some prey (was going to go with a scuba diver but thought that was in bad taste :)).

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