Saturday, January 5, 2008

French C64 Vocal Synth

Tom has kindly handed me the keys to Musicthing again so I'm back after a rather extended absence to post some more crap. I'll start with an appeal for help from Stamba over at the CBS forums. He's found a rare French speech synth cart for the C64. In his words: 'Conclusion ? IT BLASTS ALMOST all other c64 vocal synths of this period.. Commodore Magic Voice is maybe the worst.. Currah Sound Speech is average.. but this Techni Musique one reach modern (2007! vocal synthesis) !' Yeah I think I want one aswell. The demo sounds a bit like the speech in the arcade version of Gauntlet with that garbled digital rasp we all know and love. As with most of these things, info is hard to come across so if anyone knows anything please leave a comment.
UPDATE: Theres more c64 music stuff over at Stamba's other site. Check it out

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