Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The cool life and cool gear of Gil Mellé

FMass writes: "Last night I was watching The Andromeda Strain, this seminal sci-fi movie from 1971. I was amazed by the soundtrack and this morning I went to check Gil Melle's website. I found this collection of home built instruments that I have to share with you right away!" Above, left to right: 'Electar 3', 'Wireless Synth', 'Tome VI', 'White Noise'. Gil was born in 1931 and got into the jazz and art scenes when he was a teenager: "When synthesizers were not available commercially, Mellé built them from scratch, and played... with the world's first all-electronic jazz group, 'Gil Mellé and the Electronauts.'" If you want to buy the 'Andromeda Strain' soundtrack on vinyl, it's a bit expensive (that's eBay item #2568002811).

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