Thursday, June 2, 2011

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funny smoking weed quotes. Funny stoner variety show
  • Funny stoner variety show

  • Sun Baked
    Feb 14, 07:40 PM
    In hindsight, I think I may have been high on Vegemite when I posted this. On that note, I'm gonna go eat some Vegemite.Could we use that on some of the bad users? I've heard that it can also be used as road and roof patch. :pNow there's an idea for a new Ramen Noodle flavoring packet. :o

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  • miley cyrus smoking weed video

  • MacGiver
    Apr 16, 08:58 AM
    The question is in the title...I want to sell my black 2007 MB and have it clean. Can I use my 1 week old MPB OSX 10.6.7 install DVD to install clean my MB?

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  • osama bin laden smoking weed.

  • Wayfarer
    Dec 7, 03:14 PM
    What is the easiest way to Jailbreak a iPod Touch 2g running iOS 4.1?

    Sorry if this has been posted before, but I've been searching the internet for a while now without any reliable leads. Any help would be greated appreciated. :cool:

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  • HarryPot
    May 5, 10:23 PM
    Among other things we basically placed them under an oil embargo their need for natural resources and they're inability to attain them from us in a peaceful manner encouraged them to invade.

    Also by your logic we are criminally involved in Iraq at the moment. Seeing as they were not aggressors against us, and we had no reason to invade.

    The oil embargo was caused by the invasion of Japan to Indochina.

    And yes, if the US invaded Iraq without any reason it would be a crime. This would be a whole new debate about if there were enough reasons to justify the Iraq war.


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  • Huntn
    May 4, 09:08 AM
    I served this country for all most a decade as a U.S.Navy Officer and it has aggravated me from the start when the Bush Administration started making excuses to torture because we have bunches of soldiers at risk. Prior to this we had the moral high ground to say that torturing is not moral. Not that U.S. soldiers were never tortured, but by this action we have put US POWS at greater risk and now if we say "It's not right to torture", we'll just be laughed at. Keep in mind this policy was put into place by ******* gun-ho politicians who never served in a war, did not think or care about ramifications/blowback. :mad:

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  • Smoking marijuana can be funny

  • fivepoint
    Mar 3, 10:29 AM
    Thanks, Huntn. Good post. Here are my thoughts on your ideas:

    There is a long term move to dismantle government social programs and who needs the truth when we can lie? You know we can't afford you social program and your school because we have these billion, thats B-I-L-L-I-O-N dollar bombers that need building.

    This is all very simplistic, but here goes:
    1. Reform Health care- one illness from bankruptcy is not acceptable for a developed country. Health care should have never been turned into a profit machine along the same lines that you don't want your police and firemen as for-profit enterprises. The larger the pool the smaller the costs.

    'turned into' a a profit machine? As opposed to... when?
    Providing health services and goods has always been a for-profit enterprise. This is exactly what has lead to the amazing growth in medical technology in the past 100 years.

    2. Cut programs before lowering taxes especially on the rich- you can't balance a budget if you have no income. If you must lower taxes, you must first cut the programs and deal with the popular unrest before cutting any taxes. This is exactly what the champion of the Republican Party did not do- Reagan, he cut taxes but not programs and this country ran the first substantial deficits since WWII.

    I tend to agree. Cut programs until our expenses match our current 'revenues.' When the two are equal or are in the black, let's immediately pass an balanged-budget amendment so this problem never happens again.

    3. Progressive Tax policies are a must- The rich are rich. Make them pay their fair share. They can afford it. Cutting their taxes to create jobs is mostly a conservative smoke screen to **** over average citizens.

    For the record, they are paying their fair share. The top 50% of wage earners pay over 95% of the income tax. Your disgusting attack on all conservatives wanting to '****' over all citizens is just that... disgusting.

    4. Stop allowing the Exportation of Jobs- If you want to keep a standard of living. Lowering the standard of living reduces income and tax revenues.

    How? Trade embargo's? Certainly you understand that increasing taxation on the wealthy and corporations certainly won't help.

    5. Enact policies that support a strong Middle Class- instead of wiping it out for the sake of the rich. A strong middle class powers the economy.

    Lower taxes? Strong business climate with low unemployment? You seem to be contradicting yourself... what strong middle class policies are you specifically talking about?

    6. Search High and Low for Corruption- No system will work if it's corrupt. Submitting thousands of fradulent Medicare claims is hurting us.

    I agree. I would start with a MASSIVE simplification of the tax code, and virtual elimination of all government subsidies over the next 5-10 years.

    7. Dismantle the War Machine- in the good ole days we could afford it. Now we can't.

    I tend to agree. Reduce the budget by half, let them become more efficient and more reliant on technology. Take a more defensive posture around the globe and avoid entangling alliances, etc. abroad. That being said, I believe its important for us to maintain a strong national DEFENSE. We do have enemies... and defense is one of the primary constitutional roles of the federal government.

    Almost half the traffic on the Internet comes from mobile devices. Again, it's common courtesy.

    The charts look amazing on my iPhone.


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  • jmmo20
    May 6, 10:57 AM
    For whatever reason, after any change in the itunes media folder, such as downloading a new mp3 or updating an iOS app, Time Machine insists on backing up the entire 30gb+ of the media folder.

    Any ideas why this is happening?

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  • miley cyrus smoking weed video

  • XIII
    Mar 17, 10:43 AM
    Cool. Very nicely designed site too.. Well done.


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  • before and after smoking weed.

  • mdntcallr
    Oct 6, 05:37 AM
    safari needs a little work on it. Right now I prefer Firefox because of the tabbed window function and even more so because i can add search engines within the same window, such as google, yahoo, amazon, ebay, IMDB and webster dictionary.

    the ease of use, and the fact that my Yahoo Toolbar makes it easy to share my very same bookmarks among several computers.

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  • Clip and quotes of georgesee

  • takao
    Jan 22, 06:37 PM
    One thing I forgot to point out earlier is that the base price of the new Jetta and Passat is lowered by a huge amount, but (at least in the case of the Jetta) the diesel version @ $22k isn't really any cheaper than in the previous version.

    Now, with the Jetta, we know that VW saved a ton of money by fitting the antediluvian 2.0 8v engine. But the base Passat comes with the 5-cylinder. I wonder how much the diesel will cost in the Passat?

    random guess with diesel and vw is: 2000 bucks for the same fittings.. the big reason why VW wont introduce a bigger/cheaper passat in europe is that there is no need with their absurd fleet/business car sales(just like BMW) and their ability to really upsell to the bigger margin Audi or the lower margin Seat and Skoda
    the passat, just like top range bmws/audis/mercs are between up to 70-80% business cars around here and the skoda superb thanks to legroom rules taxi sales
    even my father got a TDI Passat handed to him which despite being the smallest engine still did cost nearly 40.000k euro

    I guess I'll reserve judgment till I read reviews (and see it on Top Gear ;) ), but my first reaction is Ferrari! NOOOOOO! This is just one small step away from the inevitable SUV and Ferrari will be dead to me. :eek:

    i can already imagine clarkson circling the top gear test track with ikea packages and a potted plant sticking out of the open hatch, complete with going through corners sideways ;)

    Hardly... the 612 remains the better car & Ferrari have been producing 4-seaters for decades. ;)

    Regarding the design, personally I rather like the fact that they've gone for a Shooting Brake aesthetic rather than an ungainly 4 door one. Remember, Ferrari's are almost always controversial (entirely unlike Porsche). :)

    the new FF will be _replacing_ the 612 .. which very likely was the best looking 4 seater ferrari ever made... don't forget some of those old 4 seat Ferraris ;)

    on a more general note Fiat and it's subsidaries seem to be quite on a roll design wise... the last few years i have nearly liked all recent released cars from Fiat,Ferrari and Alfa looks wise compared to the more "hit and miss" or "bland boring playing it safe" of other (euro) car makers

    and yes i'm a stern supporter of the shooting brake design.. after all who isn't ? the only problem i have is that i can't afford them ;)


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  • Funny Quotes On Smoking. Found this funny quote here; Found this funny quote here. arn. Jun 12, 01:23 AM

  • SchneiderMan
    Aug 16, 04:29 PM
    Nice, I like it:D

    LOL XD :D

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  • pics of miley cyrus smoking

  • bpaluzzi
    Apr 21, 08:42 AM
    I'm not sure you would describe it as "caning" but Android phones comfortably outsold the iPhone last year.


    That's not at all what's at discussion in this thread. We're talking OS penetration, not phones sold. The statement was made that although iOS is comfortably in the lead in the US, that it's behind in the rest of the world. Given the closeness of the phone units sold, I'd be _VERY_ surprised if iOS had a lower penetration than Android.


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  • Is dj smoking funny marijuana

  • Macnoviz
    Oct 18, 01:49 AM
    Anyone from Bruges can meet up at the GCA in the Geldmuntstraat. There's a Leopard Night from 6pm to 8h30pm. There will be demos of Leopard (I don't have more information yet)

    link: GCA (

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  • Smoking Weed Osama Bin Laden

  • antster94
    Apr 28, 06:57 AM
    First, can you [timg] your pic? It is a little huge.

    Second, I like everything about the new XJ.... except how it looks out back. The black D-pillar just really looks out of place. Unless, of course, the car is black itself, and you can't see the contrast. I'm still not sure why they chose to do that, as it just stands out too much. Otherwise, yea, it is a fantastic looking car.

    (black D-pillar)

    Timged :)

    Yeah I see what you mean, it's amazing though. Full B&W 7.1 sound system, 0-60 in 4.9 seconds. Such an awesome car.


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  • Funny Quotes On Smoking. Quit Smoking Now - Funny; Quit Smoking Now - Funny. extrafuzzyllama. Apr 28, 03:58 AM. i would go with the vertex 2

  • grabbyg
    Apr 4, 11:47 AM
    in the middle of way open area at Union Square Park in NYC had 2 dropped calls. Customer services response? Install app on iphone that lets us know where your call was dropped. Sure let me do your work, and pay for that privalage.

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  • mygoldens
    Mar 31, 10:39 AM
    WOW! Makes me want to go buy an iPad, NOT! :rolleyes:


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  • funny quoteslil wayne trivia

  • toolbox
    Dec 3, 08:18 PM
    Mine for this Month, Last one of the year!!

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  • miley cyrus smoking pot. pics

  • OrangeSVTguy
    Apr 22, 11:54 PM
    I have only been folding with my GPUs since folding the CPU puts off way too much heat. Im hoping to have my air conditioning hooked up soon, it's all free since I work in the sheet metal/hvac trade :p

    funny smoking weed quotes. miley cyrus smoking pot
  • miley cyrus smoking pot

  • normwood
    Oct 9, 03:55 PM
    i just sold out and bought it, too. :D

    I have to admit that I did too. I had downloaded Tweetdeck yesterday and Twitteriffic this morning and was pretty sold on Twitteriffic....and then I caved when I saw that it was available and downloaded in to to dowloaded in 7 seconds.

    I hate that I am a wet noodle!:D

    Looks great so far!


    Apr 29, 10:12 PM
    Don't be daft, Samsung are the suppliers because they gave the best price.

    Samsung will also be locked into supply contracts anyway, and they interfered with them, Samsung would be in a world of hurt, not just from Apple and litigation, but every other company they supply.

    And don't you believe there aren't alternatives for Apples component supplies either - every company that can build something that Samsung already does has been on the phone this week to Apple.

    The end result in all of this is that Samsung are putting at risk an $8bn turnover for copying a customers phone design.

    Even if Samsung win any of these suits, Samsung will lose the $8bn turnover, and will hand their component rivals the same amount.

    The question at the end of the day is whether the Galaxy/Tab/S/S2 are really worth $8bn a year - which they aren't.

    So who loses? Samsung every time.

    Heres the clue - never sue your customer.

    You dont seem to know how much pull Samsung has in the components arena do you?

    They are
    #1 in RAM Memory
    #2 in semiconductor LSI
    #1 in flat panel display
    #1 in rechargeable battery
    #2 in mobile phones over all
    #1 in NAND flash memory

    $8 billion to a company with revenue generation in excess of $140 billion is chunp change. That is around 4% of total revenue.

    Never sue your supplier when your supplier can turn around and gobble up other suppliers and increase the price for all OEM makers, but giving itself the cost effective goods, because it also itself is an OEM maker.

    Unlike Apple, who is just a customer, Samsung is BOTH a customer AND a supplier at the same time. Either way, they win.

    Quite recently, Samsung attempted to take over Sandisk, the NAND flash memory company. It wasnt successful due to some differences in price offers. That alone tells you that Samsung is willing to strangle hold the market even more than it already has. NAND flash market alone, Samsung has over 30 % of the market all to itself. For RAM memory, it close to 40%.

    Apple is barking up the wrong tree.

    Oct 14, 02:23 PM

    Clickable | 2560x1440

    Apr 26, 04:11 PM
    well here is the damage.

    I cant get the old paste off the gpu as its baked on hard!

    Top left corner of GPU looks burnt to me. Maybe it's bad picture quality, but if it's burnt really (what makes it DOA), it may explain why thermal paste is baked on.

    Apr 16, 05:20 PM
    Heres mine for April

    Might I ask where you found this picture please ?

    Hermes Monster
    Feb 28, 04:20 PM
    I think you need to look in to what software you would like or what you can afford. Also, what sort of graphics are you wanting to create? Illustrations or photo based images?

    Photoshop and Illustrator are the standards but are very expensive �4-600. Try GIMP in the meantime, it's a decent free app.

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