Monday, June 6, 2011

carnage vs venom

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  • Eraserhead
    Mar 16, 03:24 PM
    Pretty sad that someone would say such a thing in such a case :(. I mean she's 11 and there were 18 of them.

    Its a long way from even a "typical" "she deserved it" case where the woman in question is usually drunk and at a club/bar. Not that it is appropriate in that case either, but this is a really shocking case.

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  • skikid419
    Jun 13, 05:34 PM
    its definitely a contender

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  • Silas1066
    Dec 27, 07:06 AM
    Microsoft is rock solid?

    Let's see, as a 15 year IT worker who has supported many MS environments, I have been yanked out of bed at 2am 3 times because "new" viruses that the Anti-Virus software didn't even know about, had brought down hundreds of machines on the network, and had even brought down routers and switches.

    I think the $100,000 we might spend on IPS/IDS blades for all the core switches to analyze the traffic coming from Windows machines might be better spent if we just put Macs in the network and maybe stick a free Snort box in there as an after thought.

    Companies spend millions just keeping their Windows machines in line -thank about it. MS has never been serious about security.

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  • notjustjay
    Apr 7, 01:00 PM
    I'm looking forward to trying this out when I get home tonight. I won't pay $15 for the whole kit, but there are a couple of 99-cent packs that I wouldn't mind trying out.

    I have fond memories of playing Atari 2600 with my cousins at my grandparents' house when I was little. I was late to the game buying a 2600 of my own (I got mine when NES was all the rage) but I still loved it and was very saddened when I found out my parents had sold my entire Atari kit, including dozens of games, at a garage sale for a measly $5!

    I hope they continue to add games. There are a few that I enjoyed that I don't see on the list.


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  • andyx3x
    Apr 8, 07:25 AM

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  • Lord Blackadder
    Jan 24, 02:52 PM
    Actually, I am surprised you didn't make reference to the Jenson FF, that's what Ferrari actually copied. ;) :eek: :p

    A neighbor of mine owned a Jenson Interceptor years ago when I was just a little shaver. It was an ugly mustard color but I didn't care. That and my dad's '69 TVR were my two favorite cars as a kid (I'm STILL annoyed that he sold the TVR before I even hit my teens; I would have loved to have driven it at least once).

    It's difficult to make the 4 door format work for a sports car isn't it, when you think that every significant dimensional requirement is against them, physical size of the engine, location of the engine, low height, width etc, Porsche failed miserably, Aston certainly did a reasonable job with the Rapide, but even then I'd suggest that it looks overly elongated, lacks shape in the profile and with a design language that dates back to 1994, looks a little too familiar, to the point of it being bland.

    I agree about the Rapide, it looks "stretched" and the Aston Martin look, while beautiful, has become a little corporate. Very few four door sports cars are really a success from a stylistic perspective. If you want four doors you're generally best off with a sports sedan - but sports sedans are usually sleepers, not lithe and muscular looking things. The old Lotus Carlton or the current M5 may be a great drive, but it's not going to raise the pulse the way a DB9 or Alfa 8C Competizione does.

    random guess with diesel and vw is: 2000 bucks for the same fittings.. the big reason why VW wont introduce a bigger/cheaper passat in europe is that there is no need with their absurd fleet/business car sales(just like BMW) and their ability to really upsell to the bigger margin Audi or the lower margin Seat and Skoda
    the passat, just like top range bmws/audis/mercs are between up to 70-80% business cars around here and the skoda superb thanks to legroom rules taxi sales
    even my father got a TDI Passat handed to him which despite being the smallest engine still did cost nearly 40.000k euro

    Wow. 40k Euros for a diesel Passat? You could get a diesel Merc, BMW or Audi for that kind of money here (though only just).

    i can already imagine clarkson circling the top gear test track with ikea packages and a potted plant sticking out of the open hatch, complete with going through corners sideways ;)

    Yes, the show is a bit predictable these days, I think you may have guessed it.

    on a more general note Fiat and it's subsidaries seem to be quite on a roll design wise... the last few years i have nearly liked all recent released cars from Fiat,Ferrari and Alfa looks wise compared to the more "hit and miss" or "bland boring playing it safe" of other (euro) car makers

    I think the Alfa MiTo is rather ugly, but overall Fiat/Ferrari/Alfa seem to be doing alright.

    In the $25K sedan segment, I would consider the Ford Fusion first. At $40K, the Infinity G37 and BMW 3 series win.

    It depends on the model Passat one is shopping for, but the new Taurus is actually a serious competitor now since it has moved upmarket and offers a very nice V6 and AWD.

    However, people looking for a diesel really have no other option apart from VW unless a 40k German luxury car is considered.


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  • snberk103
    Jan 18, 12:10 PM
    really ?
    looking at _production_ cars:
    Toyota Prius from 2009: drag coefficient: 0.25

    Tatra 77a from 1935: 0.21
    Rumpler Tropfenwagen from 1921: 0.28

    the late 30ties were actually the high point in aerodynamics being the focus in automobile manufacturing: there are countless of other examples from the time which simply never made it into production because of the war:
    like the BMW K1 prototype which also achieved a value of 0.23 despite being a full 4 door saloon

    another interesting car: the Fiat Turbina prototype: which had a coefficient of 0.14 (a record for 30 years) but any further development shelved because of problems with the expieremental fuel gazzling overheating turbine engine ;)

    Thanks! That was fun following up on some of these early cars. Some of them are just gorgeous. It is amazing and inspiring that engineers working with slide - rulers and wind tunnels (and without fancy computers) could achieve the same kind of drag coefficients on their designs that modern supercomputers can come up with.

    However - I still think my point stands ("Steadiness"). While small production cars may have been aerodynamic - the industry average was not. In fact I could argue that as engine efficiencies improved, industry wide, aerodynamics got worse because the overall mileage stayed much the same (or improved slowly).

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  • WillJS
    Apr 3, 11:49 AM

    Nice, link? Here's mine:


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  • skellener
    Apr 4, 11:23 AM
    And so how is merging with T-Mobile going to open up choice, provide more competition and benefit customers? Sounds like they are just getting an early start on price gouging here.

    Not only should the merger be rejected but AT&T should be broken into about 5 separate companies.

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  • sikuss
    Apr 4, 08:30 PM
    I thought Duc would have had the front end washing out issue solved by now...


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  • 7o7munoz7o7
    Apr 25, 12:18 AM
    what's the difference between the black iph4 and the white?

    i think one is white and one black

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  • oban14
    Apr 29, 12:17 AM
    What do you expect?

    1) Most people (AT&T and Verizon) are locked into contracts.
    2) When the Verizon iPhone debuted in February, we were all expecting the iPhone 5 in 4-6 months. Why get locked into an iPhone 4 when the 5 was just a few months away?

    If there were no contracts and the iPhone4 had debuted on both carriers at the same time, it would have gone very differently.


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  • arn
    Sep 26, 06:02 PM
    Originally posted by beachbum


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  • ezekielrage_99
    Mar 21, 12:23 AM
    Hi Thanks for the advice. That email about the literal interpretation of "freelance" is insane! I hope you didn't have to deal with that person for very long :)

    Thankfully I cut my ties with that person very quickly and ensure all of my work was NEVER used by them. It was when I was much greener so it was a good thing to learn and enable me to set some very good boundaries

    1) Never work with a friend of a friend.
    2) Never work for free.
    3) Never work for a start up business UNLESS it has a larger group behind it (Public/private equity group, blue chip client with a new business, etc.. is ok).
    4) Never do work for a religious organisation (seriously not a good idea). Or for that matter a union...
    5) If you lie with dogs you'll get flees. Never work on a project you wouldn't want other clients seeing as a client of yours on your Portfolio.
    6) Never work with a company where they can't speak your native language... Cheque time comes and "miso soli me no undastandy".
    7) Be choosy about who you want to work with. Talented designers will always find work while talentless designers wont.

    P.S. - love the peanuts/greedy monkey analogy. I think I'm learning the hard way, that there are indeed a lot of them out there. Someone needs to make an "Attack of the Greedy Monkey's" iphone app :)

    I found in experience if you price yourself a certain way you tend to loose the "bottom feeding clients" as I like to call them. It also means the people who take up the service generally understand the price positioning thus have an idea of intrinsic value assigned to it.

    Here's a links I've found rather amusing/helpful:
    10 Client Personalities (
    Bad Clients and How to Avoid Them (

    I also forgot about this gem of a client


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  • buyusfear
    Feb 1, 05:56 PM
    I was just wondering if you were going to post new snaps of your strings. Thx! :)

    THanks, glad you like

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  • cmaier
    Apr 4, 04:12 PM
    On a side note, I wonder whether Apple violates competition rules. When I remember correctly, the iPad had a considerable market share on the tablet market. One could argue that Apple abuses its market position to impose their own (unfair) conditions on publishers.

    They don't compete with publishers, and the "tablet market" is not probably too narrow a definition of a "market" (more likely, anti-trust authorities would be interested in the overall "pc" market or the "mobile" market.)


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  • milbournosphere
    Dec 28, 03:20 PM
    An early gift from my parents.
    One of my gifts was the bowl game that you were watching. First SDSU bowl win in many years. It's too bad the Chargers didn't follow suit...

    Anyways, Christmas presents! My main gift was a nice Citizen eco-drive watch from my girlfriend. I also got cash, a nice bottle of scotch and a cool little toy RC chopper to supplement the four channel one I already have. Had some fun times buzzing the pet cat!

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  • TwoSocEmBoppers
    Dec 26, 12:44 AM
    If I'm not mistaken, those are Georgetown Cupcakes!

    Red Velvet... yumm

    Oh my days I've had these. My friend had them shipped up to him from home to school before Winter Break and let me share in the goodness. I'm a believer.

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  • rich2000
    Oct 11, 02:59 PM
    It's an OK update but I'm kinda disappointed was expecting much more. There are other Twitter clients out there with more features. I'll give them the map though.. thats nice.

    I'm using Tweetings at the moment, I like the post what your listening to on your iPod feature.

    Mar 8, 05:53 PM
    Just wondering, does anyone play online??? If you do, whats your VR??

    Your character you always use along with bike/kart too.

    Apr 27, 07:15 PM
    What DOESN'T scare me, is the tracking. What scares me is that picture of the three, it looks like Jobs is staring into my soul....

    Apr 4, 11:45 AM
    This is another reason why I will likely just transfer my number to Google Voice for $20 + cancellation fees without losing my number. Currently my cost would be about $100 total for the change on top of a contract price of $299 (for 32GB model), so $399 instead of $549.

    May 3, 12:17 AM
    hello, just a quick question. can i unlock my iphone 4 running ios 4.2.1 with 3.10.01 bb? thanks

    Sep 4, 11:19 AM
    Link (

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